How long do your flare ups last? I've had RA since August last year. Mainly knees n feet but had1flare up in my ankle. This week my

Hands flared up for the 1st time Stiff painful n a Really bad burning sensation along with fatique. After 4/5 days this has settled a little and not quite as painful now, which made me wonder how long do your flare ups last? With my other joints its only ever calmed down with steroid injs or oral steroids. Also how long do u suffer before calling the ra helpline

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  • They vary, sometimes a day, (by flare up I mean sorta most joints plus the sweating and fluey feeling and exhaustion?) other times it goes on for weeks. I like you have just said rest up for a couple of days with painkillers and non steroidal anti inflammatories then call the hospital day 4/5 if not improving. But if you are sore and it's not easing I would give them a all Monday morning cos then of course theirs often a bit of a wait to see them! .

    My flares can last between 1 day to one month, so I hope you get yours under control soon. Really thinking of you, they are so horrid. Oh also think if there's anything that you have one recently like stress , overdoing things,carrying etc that might have been anti of a trigger. It doesn't always show but mine are very often triggered by stress, so if I'm in a stressful period I just make sure I rest a bit more and take regular tablets.

    Sending you gentle hugs xx

  • What other meds are you on? My GP once said that steroids are like a sticking plaster and aren't a long term solution. I think bad suffering for 2 days is enough to make me call the helpline.

  • I started methotrexate 2 weeks ago and beside that take allurpurinol naproxen co codomol folic acidB12 n iron and lansoprazole

  • I think everyone is different. My longest or most painful flair up was about a week. The rheumatologist and GPs here don't give pain meds. So I went to the ER twice. I'm so sorry for you have pain. But like Allanah said about triggers, stress is a big one for me. Also doing to much. I agree with Cathie 2 days is enough! I don't know if this happens to other people but my pain will start usually in the night/middle of the night.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thanks for the replys everyone, its really helpful x

  • Hi Chelle, I think when you have been suffering this long then it means your arthritis isn't under control and it's definitely time to call the helpline. The mtx can take a while to work, you could ask for a steroid injection to tide you over until it kicks. Hope you feel better soon. x

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