Hello nice people! I was lucky enough to go to the Bristol Roadshow yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. It was the first time I had been to any RA meeting and I learnt so much from the other people. If you have the opportunity to go to either of the next 2 meetings (York and Leamington Spa), do go as I am sure you will really enjoy yourself. Also ...... we had a delicious lunch!


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  • Thanks Virge, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. The Roadshow will always be successful if the attendees are as engaged as your group in Bristol so thank you!

  • glad you had a good day , looking forward to the roadshow in leamington..

  • Hi Virge, thanks for the lovely feedback! It was so nice to meet you and everyone else in Bristol on Wednesday. As you know I am relatively new to NRAS and it was the first NRAS event I had attended. I really enjoyed the day and learned so much from you all . Thank you!

  • When is the roadshow in leamington and where? Thanks


  • I don't know anything other than it is in Leamington - probably best to contact NRAS direct. I hope you can go, as the one in Bristol was excellent. Virge

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