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Hello nice people! I was lucky enough to go to the Bristol Roadshow yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. It was the first time I had been to any RA meeting and I learnt so much from the other people. If you have the opportunity to go to either of the next 2 meetings (York and Leamington Spa), do go as I am sure you will really enjoy yourself. Also ...... we had a delicious lunch!


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Thanks Virge, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. The Roadshow will always be successful if the attendees are as engaged as your group in Bristol so thank you!


glad you had a good day , looking forward to the roadshow in leamington..


Hi Virge, thanks for the lovely feedback! It was so nice to meet you and everyone else in Bristol on Wednesday. As you know I am relatively new to NRAS and it was the first NRAS event I had attended. I really enjoyed the day and learned so much from you all . Thank you!


When is the roadshow in leamington and where? Thanks



I don't know anything other than it is in Leamington - probably best to contact NRAS direct. I hope you can go, as the one in Bristol was excellent. Virge


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