Just had the most magical evening watching the 50 most memorable Disney clips. I laughed and cried but I so could not believe that Pinocchio and Snow White are over 75 years old!!! Really yep 1938 and 1940 !!! Gosh !

Do you have a favourite Disney movie? ..... I love lion king! We were in a cinema and the trailer came on, the full circle of life clip. Everyone was go smacked and at the drum beat at the end , I have never seen this in a cinema , everyone stood up and applauded ! What moment .

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  • Jungle Book is my all time favourite

  • It's my sons too! When it was re released I trailed the shops but it took months to get it!

  • I still love thumbelina, although I love lots of Disney films. The reason for my love of thumbelina is at 77years of age, the memories are of my darling granddaughter Jessica singing all the songs. She is now 19 and in NZ at the mo,but it is still her favourite. I have another Gd Lucy , who is 21 this year, she ie the daughter of my darling son Paul who died in2005. Nice to talk of other things instead of aches and pains, and takes your mind off it. Thank you allanah.

  • Am I right, there is a thumbelina that the legend who is Mr Barry Manilow wrote the music!

    Lovely family memories these movies xx

  • Yes you are right.

  • Lol , very sad , I am guilty, I am a Barry Fan ha ha ha , can't help it, sorry, been an affliction for 30 yrs. have tried therapy but no luck, ( joking) xxxx

  • I am too, went to see him at wembley many years ago, great entertainer.

  • I was probably there lol! Seen him just about every tour since 1980! But now moving on to younger music ha ha, but defo have a huge soft spot for Barry xx

  • he's back in may.

  • Ooh! Going to loads of things though so glasto here I come , sorry Barry

  • Your son must of been very young when he died Birdie, very sad.

    I love all Disney, I guess Robin Hood is one of my favourites as my children were very young when we watched it all together so I've got really fond memories of that time. But jungle book Tarzan lion king Snow White all of them really. I went to see frozen over the Xmas hol where my young granddaughter talked me all the way through the film, bless her!! X

  • Oh I haven't seen Frozen yet, although it's meant tone amazing! It's just come out on DVD so I might get it as my Easter treat xx

  • Well you could borrow my granddaughter she's got all the outfits,she can sing all the songs,she knows all the words & can act it out for you even in the cinema,crowds don't faze her!! X

  • Brilliant!,, can't wait on being a gran! But don't tell my kids that lol xxxx

  • my niece was the same with aladdin and the little mermaid.

  • Yes he was 42 years old, very sad, and such a lovely talented successful young man. Money is not the answer to being happy, it is health, happiness, and being contented with your lot. I am fortunate that I have a strong faith, and I do not know what I would have done without that when I was nursing my son. Thank you for your concern. Gone but not forgotten. Bless you.

  • Wonderful sentiments and you have lovely memories of your wonderful son by the sound of it. Wishing you even better health and more happiness xx

  • Thank you for the Disney interlude today, makes a nice change thinking happy thoughts. Xx

  • Xxxx :)

  • bless you too, Paul will never be forgotten with your lovely memories.

  • I love Disney ! I cry at the end of the lion king every time , when he holds up the cub , beauty and the beast and the little mermaid too , can you tell I had daughters ?! all grown up now but still have the films. the music is great , I love a musical too x

  • Yes love Wicked too! And that hair on the back of the neck standing up moment on pride rock when the baboon holds simba up aawwwwwwwxx

  • yes , brilliant , how old are we ? x

  • I'm 53 going on18!!

  • me too , well 52..

  • Just a baby, well of course we r bang in the middle of the RA group, female 50's !

  • you made my day , yes it does seem to be ladies of a certain age !

  • I am a huge Disney fan. I cry a lot when watching Disney films. I can't watch the opening sequence in Up without crying like a baby! It's hard to pick a favourite. My boys are 7 & 5 and they still love older Disney films like Pinocchio, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Out of the newer films they love Aladdin and most of the Pixar films. We went to see Frozen at Christmas and we all loved it. It's perfect for both boys and girls and the music is stunning. Again, I cried a lot watching this too! What I'd like to see made now is a full length biopic film about Walt's life and his vision.

  • I think Tom Hanks just did it. Called Saving Me Banks, it's a biopic on Walt Disney with Tom and Emma Thomson as his wife. I haven't seen it and think it's out of cinemas now but it should come out on DVD x I can't watch Up, too upsetting for me that one lol

  • I've seen Saving Mr Banks. Emma Thompson actually plays P L Travers who wrote Mary Poppins. The film is about Walt trying to convince her to make the film but most of the film is about her, not Walt. It is an excellent film though and I would highly recommend it. :)

  • Oh there are so so many I love, way too hard to pick just one. I agree though I have to get frozen on dvd for the Gkids hmmmmmmmm............... hahahahah

  • For the ...kids!! Yeah, it should be for us!!

  • Of course!!!! hahahahah

  • I can see that I am a different generation to most of you, as i have never seen or heard of some of these Disney films. All of the ones I know are from the days of hand painted graphics, and I believe they are all done on computers nowadays. Bambi, dumbo, Pinocchio, Cinderella, beauty and the beast. The list is long.

  • Definitely worth getting the computer ones birdie. I sit with my jaw dropping at the things like water...so realistic and the stories are still in the Disney tradition. I would start with the lion king if you do!

  • I have lots of favourite Disney films and characters, so hard to choose one overall. But I have fond memories of Aladdin at the cinema, because I took my middle son to see it for his 7th birthday. I was pregnant with my 3rd son and money was extremely tight but I'd managed to put enough away to take my son to the see the film. I spent most of the screening watching his little face light up in wonder, he was so thrilled at the film.

    When we came out it had started snowing but I didn't have enough money for the bus so we walked through the deepening snow drifts home, my son's feet were cold and his legs were tired but as I was pregnant I couldn't manage to lift him let alone carry him. Buy the moment we got in he was bursting to tell his older brother all about the film and the snowy walk was forgotten! Lovely memories!

    (Ooh and the baby is 20 in September so that's how long ago that was, 20 years!!)

    Thanks for inspiring the memories Alannah! :-)

  • Awww lovely story! Snow is so beautiful ...shame it's cold ha ha x

  • when Dumbo's mum sings "baby mine" it sets me off.

    I've never seen the lion king.

  • Oh yeah, when mummy puts her trunk out the cage to cuddle dumbo , sob

  • Bambi, Snow White, my Uncle was an artist and he drew all of these characters on my bedroom wall and painted them exactly as in the film. I still cower behind a pillow when the wicked queen goes up the hill just before she dies.

    As for Bambi I took my daughter to watch it at the cinema at the point Bambi was shot there was silence, it was broken by a small child 'Mummy, they shot Bambi's mummy', then there was bedlam as all the kids started crying!

  • Oh no, that would be hard for the mums! We got a painter when the kids were little to draw circus and clowns etc as they were big into circus after we did a circus workshop at Blackpool tower when they were little. My middle boy still has a huge clown phobia !!!!!!

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