Saying the wrong words in a sentence

I've been experiencing this for a few weeks now and wondered if anyone else has experienced it? Quite often when I talk, I will replace a word within the sentence with a different word, sometimes the word is related to what I'm saying, sometimes it doesn't make sense at all. Eg one time I said "We're going to the theatre", when I meant to say cinema. And sometimes the completely wrong word will come out. Or it'll come out mixed up eg washdisher instead of dishwasher. It's a new thing for me, never happened previously. Not sure whether it's something I need to worry about or not. Maybe related to my medication? I'm currently taking Etoricoxib (Arcoxia) 60mg a day with a PPI.

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  • I do exactly the same but I am on Mtx 20mg. It is very worrying. I have researched the phenomenom and it appears to be quite common with either the condition or medication. I am pretty sure it's the medication.

  • Mhairi, I have been experiencing this for some time, at first It was put down to brain fog associated with Hughes. latterly though I have been getting a bit worse and this coincides with my loss of short term memory. I don't wish to scare you, but I have been sent for a memory test following a CT which showed up some white matter that has been put down to mini TIA's and Dementia. I would recommend discussing this with your Doctor and Consultant.

  • Oh, Whilst I remember. one of my memorable mix up of words happened whilst I was in Cyprus on Holiday. I turned to my wife and said, "shall go back to the Hospital and sit on the Bar-B-Que" Instead of saying," shall we go back to the Hotel and sit on the Balcony". lol

  • I do agree with the replies you have been given already, it could be meds or the disease. But there can be other reasons and may be other symptoms that you are not aware of, so this is something that you should really discuss with your GP when you have the opportunity.

  • I have 3 auto immune diseases and myou speech n memory were ok til last year when I was diagnosed with 3rd

    Sometimes I start to say something then it's like another language of nonsense ends it.My husband finishes sentences off foroad me which can be helpful but annoying when in company . mostly I can't remember what I am talking about.The most laughable thing I have said is " look at a those penguins in the garden" of course I meant err now I am trying to remember err pidgeons

  • Oh I absolutely know what you mean, I do this too! I tail off sentences with 'I don't know where I'm going with this' or 'I've forgotten what I was saying' and I put the wrong words in what I'm trying to say more often than I can count. I decided it was a part of the condition, because it started not long after all of the joint problems and fatigue. I'm hoping it will improve as my treatment kicks in lol

  • I have this too. I often don't realise I have used the wrong word until people look at me in bewilderment! I blame it on RD, mtx and pregabalin. I am in denial that it's down to age 😊.

  • I had brain fog when I started methotrexate but it improved after a month or two. I think it's much more likely to be connected with medication and the stress of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease rather than the disease itself...

  • Last weeks new scientist had article about the effects of pain on the brain. What we call brain fog now seems to be scientifically documented. Best not to worry but I do try to make an effort to remember things which I often forget.

  • I find it is worse when my RD is not under control. Farm

  • Hi I get terrible brain fog sometimes a few times I've been at the doctors for my bloods on the wrong week, this RD certainly makes you do silly things

  • Mhairi,

    I too have had that on and off, never mentioning it to my rheumatologist until my daughter insisted as it was getting very chronic. He said it is called Aphasia and can be concerning as inalso have antiphosphalipid. He sent me for an MRI, Cat scan, I believe looking to be sure I was not having another TIA.

    I have since been put on a stronger blood thinner, Warfarin, due to a stroke and I have not done it since.

    I donurge you and all others to talk to your doctor about this. While it may be nothing it could also be a serious symptom.

    Good luck!

  • It's very strange. Most of the time I just laugh it off but it is concerning me a bit. Will make an appointment to see my GP about it. x

  • This effects me too.I was so worried i had early dementia i went to doctors.I was forgetting appointments whither i had taken my medication when talking i couldn't get my words out so many different things.My doc ran blood tests came back b12 which can effect memory so had a course of those i also had a CT scan and am awaiting the results.Don't feel any different and b12 didn't do much either.

  • I did this for a couple of years.

    Why? Well it was fatigue and what they call brain fog.

    After a while I did not worry about it as I realized it was fatigue etc.

    In fact sometimes it was quite hilarious getting words mixed up!

  • Happens to me sometimes & agree it could be the disease itself or the meds, but my mum used do it too so I think I'm scuppered! One bonus is our two dogs respond to each others names!

  • Just been looking at episode 8 of the Betrayal Series and a lady on there was diagnosed with MS and had problems with speech. Just another avenue to explore. Luckily for her it reversed with diet eventually.

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