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What happens now?

Hi, I have tried Methotrexate and Mycophenolate and now Leflunomide, iI have been told by the Doctors to stop the Leflunomide now as my latest blood test has shown I have raised enzymes in my liver. I am also taking Hydroxy and diclofenac. I seem to be going through these DMARDS at an alarming rate! I wouldn't mind so much but the fatigue has not improved although with the methotrexate and this latest drug my symtoms have got a lot better.Any ideas what happens next?

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I'm in a similar boat. Had to come off methoxetrate too for similar reasons. Its not good to have liver damage so I suppose that is something. The gastroenterologists I saw said that I could have biological treatment for RA without mtx or lefludomide to prop it up. I was on a combination of mtx + biologic (infliximab). However I am having difficulty in persuading rheumy that I'm not in remission but that's another story. There was an article in NRAS magazine about the biologics you can take which dont require mtx/leflud. Also there's research which shows that a lot of people dont take their mtx (naughty) so there may be more than they think. I really hope you can find a solution for you.


Hi Hankie,

sorry you are having such a rough time of it just now. The next step will be discussions to have you assessed to determine if you meet the qualifying criteria for Biologics.

These can be used with or without DMARDS and will depend on which drugs are available on the hospital formulae

There are many different ones out there and this needs you to have the discussion with your rheum. team. The NRAS also has a great helpline if you want more information

I am on a biologic and know it will be for life as the best that can be hoped for is a chemical remission, so basically without the drugs my RA will come back

I hope you can get this resolved soon- stay in touch and let us know how you get on




Cathie thank you for all the information and i am sorry you are having trouble with your diagnoses this RA thing is so difficult to explain to anybody who knows about it let alone family friends and strangers. Good luck.

Thank you for your response Poppylady, I don't know why i feel so aprehensive whenever my medication is being changed but it is unsettling even though they change them because they are not working how daft is that! I did hear that after you have failed on a couple of DMARD s you then qualify for a different type of medication and now I know. I will let you know how I get on, we are off on holiday nest week so i am a little worried incase I have a bad flare but I am sure the rest and warmth will help.



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