Cocktail time!

As it is not working, I apparently need to change from Enbrel to another biologic and I have been reading the leaflets my rheumy nurse gave me. I think I will opt for abatacept as it says in the paragraph about drinking alcohol that '.....if you're also taking methotrexate, you should only drink alcohol in small amounts (no more than 45 units per week) ......' . Yippee! Either that is a typo, or it is a drug which will make me very happy!!! The leaflet is dated September 2011 from arthritis research and it has really cheered me up! The other, non-typo leaflets say only 4 units of alcohol per week is allowed ....... Anyone want to join me in an abatacept cocktail! Xx Virge

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  • I will join you for the 45 units of Cocktails but will stay on Enbrel as it's working for me!

  • Hi I will join both of you for the 45 units cocktail, but like Georje I will stay on my humira as that works for me. Cheers Judy

  • Yeah definitely but will have to wait until I'm off TB drugs another 6 months to go a third of the way there. Bottoms up.

    Will also have to come off Enbrel as had a severe allergic reaction after last injection

  • Hahaha 45units!

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