methotrexate hasn't agreed with me

Hello everybody I haven't been on here for a little while. In November I started Methotrexate, but unfortunately it made me really poorly and I had to stop it. I have been on a low dose of steroid 5mg per day since then which has suppressed the RA symptoms. Now in March my Rheumatologist wants me to gradually come off it and then see him to see what the next step is. He has suggested a drug called Lefalamide, but he thinks I may not be great with this one because of my reaction to other drugs. I have tried sulphalazine, Hydroxichloraquine, and now the Methotrexate. He says that there is a percentage of people who don't react well to side effects from drugs which makes it more difficult to prescribe treatment. So I'm hoping that I don't fall into that category. Has anyone else had bad reactions to drugs and did they find a drug that was alright for you? Sorry about my bad spelling of the drugs.Thank you

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  • Yes! Mtx didn't like me either! Am on leflunomide and it suits me fine, has really taken down the swelling, hope it helps you too. X

  • Hello there :) I tried both oral MTX and injections and, like you, it made me feel miserable! My rheumy switched me to Leflunomide (just 10mg daily) and I haven't had side effects from it. I am also on a biologic (Simponi) and am tapering my steroids (2.5mg at the moment) and the combination works spectacularly well.

    Like you, I tried Hydroxy in the beginning as well but it did nothing to help my RA. I know the process of finding the right meds/combination of meds can be lengthy, frustrating and painful. But a lot of the time, the rheumys evetually get it right :) I hope this helps a bit and all the very best, Christine xx

  • Hello

    Yes I have been on all the DMARDS over the years, generally my body was crippled with the problems,contraindications.

    Now they have got me on a low dose of Metajet, MTX in injection form and seems to be having a small change in my condition. Strong medications including DMARD and Opiate not forgetting, NSID have begun to affect kidneys and liver

    so I am very wary regards medications now. as I need further groups of medications on top of above. So we need to consider what groups of medications we take.

    We cannot just look at one or two medication. ??.

    It would be great if all Specialities would discuss patients with multiple health problems, We can take a massive drug soup every day No wonder we can show many different medications contraindications, some being masked by other medication groups


  • Hello! Yes, I had to stop hydroxy a few months ago and have just stopped methotrexate too - they both made me feel dreadful. Currently I'm on sulfasalazine (so far so good) and am due to start enbrel injections shortly. I haven't reacted well to steroids in the past so avoid them although I do take arcoxia which is an anti-inflammatory (I reacted badly to ibuprofen and naproxen). I was initially told it could take 1-2 years to find the right combination of drugs. So far it has been 8 months. Still plodding on... Good luck with your drug journey. Hopefully you'll get there in the end (and so will I).

  • I couldn't take the usual meds either. Eventually I was put on Humira and dose of sulfasalazine was reduced which seems ok. (Except for blood pressure)

  • I had a really bad reaction to methotrexate, they took me off it for a year then put me on a small dose with my biologic drug, after 3 days I was really ill, they took me into hospital and now they won't put me on it again.

    I'm on simponi without any other drugs apart from pain relief.

  • Hi, I had trouble with hxdroxichloraquine and sulphalazine but was ok on methotrexate, although this didn't help my RA. Am now on tocilizumab a biologic therapy as well as the methotrexate and is starting to help some of my joints but not all. Hope they can find you something that helps soon

  • Ive been on Methotrexate for 2 years it has messed with my liver...ive been taken off everything and im waiting to see what theyl do I am taking note of what didnt work for you...I hope you get sorted soon.

  • Im not sure what to go on as all the meds I see works different for different people... I dint want to keep "trying" and waiting to see what doesnt kill me before the Arthritis does..

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