One step forward, lets hope it's not two back

Hi All, well finally got to see GP to see what's going on with my bloods etc. Had to set the alarm for the crack of dawn to call for an appointment as the alternative was a pre-booked one 25 days ahead! Thankfully iron levels are now normal so I can stop taking the awful iron pills that exacerbate the IBS and get stuck in my throat. White cells also OK for first time in ages. Protein still low but creeping up. They've checked just about every organ/body part that could cause this and come up blank so the only other option is some sort of auto-immune problem. You know - the one I suddenly ceased to have after twenty years according to my rheumy. Initially my GP just wanted to wait another month and get my bloods done yet again but after a chat has agreed to write to the consultant to see what he suggests in the meantime. I'm not holding my breath as he doesn't seem like the sort of person that can put his pride aside long enough to admit he might have been wrong but it's a glimmer of hope at least. Now just got to wait for a reply. Problem is I know if he says he won't see me or revise his opinion I'll be back to square one and very upset but if he does say he'll see me I'll be petrified of going through another humiliating appointment. Time to man up I suspect xx

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  • At the risk of sounding like Jeremy Kyle, told you I watch too much daytime tv , grow a pair !!! Ha ha !

    Nah kidding , think you are brave going to see him and pushing for your treatment , it's a shame we all have to get pushy to get what we need! But good news on the referral , fingers crossed xx

  • Hi,Mistymeana, You have to sometimes take charge of your care and push for what you want I am having similar trouble with my GP and RA people they just don't listen and they don't like to be wrong either. Just go for it and if you get no where it may be time for a new doc, and for me to. xxwish you well and lots of luck.

  • Hi,

    These days you are allowed to choose your rheumy if you're not happy with the one you have been allocated -within reason. I would research the rheumatologists at your local and surrounding hospitals - if you go on the hospital's website and find the Rheumatology Dept you should find a section about the team and some kind of bio for each consultant. An interest in your particular condition and some research interests should direct you to who might be interested and helpful.

    Good luck.


  • Without doubt, change your doctor! You are entitled to under the NHS constitution and you should never be made to feel humiliated by care providers. Genuine health problems have protocols which must be followed and if your doctor is not doing his job (and it is a job), then you have every right to a) let him know and b) find a sympathetic GP - and there are plenty of them - who will treat you with understanding, kindness and the help you should be getting. Good luck - and don't delay as you'll be far more stressed and miserable if you do.

  • Thanks amnesia. It's not my GP that's the trouble - apart from being reluctant to question the rheumy team's diagnoses or lack there of. Sadly it's the rheumy consultant! Not a lot of choice here as there's only one big hospital and a couple of small, one of which is on special measures.

  • Hi Mistymeana, I have good fortune to have a fantastic gp who unfortunately has just forwarded his resignation in despair after 26 years as a partner at the same surgery, he has openly stated his reason is that "he does not believe that recent and future planned changes in the nhs are in the best interests of his patients". Privately he has been far less polite about whats going on. He is the same gp who wrote to my dla tribunal and told them to sack him and report him to the British Medical Council because if my symptoms and their disabling effect on me were not correct then he and my consultant had misdiagnosed me and inappropriately subscribed me dangerous an addictive medication. I won my appeal.

    I have had problems with my consultant and my gp has told me I can request treatment from any consultant anywhere who will agree to treat me. So if I was you I would ask to change mate.

    The best of luck. Leon.

  • Feeling any better today ?

  • Hi Allanah, yep a bit better thanks but killer back pain as been to see my daughter's new house so lots of standing about. I've filed all thought of what might or might not happen with the consultant away in the pending tray so I don't go completely mad. It's bound to periodically resurface but I need to try and keep positive. Told GP I don't care what name they give my condition as long as it's the right one with the right treatment to reduce pain and increase mobility. Watch this space as they say ....... xx

  • Will do xxxx

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