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Rituximab for RA and polyneuropathy therapy?


My mom suffers from hard RA and now polyneuropathy too (this is far not my first post about her here). She took her two rituximab infusions in november, for now it made her blood test better, not sure about joints pain. But her neuro symptoms become harder day by day. I have read rituximab can be used for polyneuropathy treatment too. I wonder if someone here was lucky enough to get improvement in both diseases after rituximab? Is it possible?

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I don't know but suspect you told the Rheumy about all her problems when he prescribed Ritixumab? If the neuro symptoms came after then I would call the helpline and ask for help and advice, even with the question above. Hope she gets better very very soon for you, you sound like a lovely daughter xx

Thanks for reply, allanah :) No, neuro problems came before rituximab.

Sure, Rheumy was informed about my mom's problems. She prescribed rituxan cause other drugs were useless.

Besides, only effective med my mom ever tried was analogue of rituximab and it didn't cause any side effects.

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