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Just watched a tv programme about the anatomy of the human hand. It was on Tuesday on BBC4 at 9pm and is available on i-player for about two weeks.

Last year I had two lots of hand surgery, including Carpal Tunnel Release and a Tendon Transfer. This programme (called Dissection) showed, in detail, the insides of a human arm, wrist and fingers. It also explained that the strength of our fingers comes from the arm muscles. And there was lots about nerves, etc.

So if you aren't too squeamish, and you have had hand problems yourself, you could learn a lot from this programme.

Hope I am brave enough to watch the next one - all about feet!

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Yes I watched that too. It's no wonder we can get carpel tunnel syndrome when you see the layout of the tendons and nerves etc and what a cramped space they have to go through!

Very interesting.

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Glad its on iPlayer, would love to see it. Back in 2008 I shattered my wrist and had to have an operation (High Wycombe General) plate and 8 screws put in. It took just over 3 years of Physio and a few other things (such as Reiki & natural remedies) to get back to some level of normal use - not great for a musician you might say!! - Looking forward to seeing that programme - I am not at all squeamish, having seen first hand a partner go through the pain and trauma of Ulcerative Colitis for 13 years, this feels like a relative walk in the park!

Phoebe .. do you remember the name of the programme?


An excellent programme, I have a fused toe, so looking forward to the foot prog.


Dr George McGavin is joined by leading anatomy experts to dissect a real hand, taking it apart layer by layer to reveal what makes it unique in the animal kingdom.


Hi Phoebe, yes I saw it too. How amazing our hands are. The person must have donated their bodies to Science. Thanks to those folks who do as the scientists can learn so much. I've had 5 hand ops over the past 10 yrs. Two sets of knuckles & wrists fused. After all that my fingers are now so deformed & twisted plus snapped thumb tendon. The Drs said that no more can be done so quite disappointed. Cannot open them now. It's very frustrating as I used to play piano a little. So hubby has to do cooking & I have to as him to open things all the time. Plus numerous broken cups & dishes. Lol. How we take things for granted. So happy I've got this tablet my thumb can work. I managed to do a little crochet to exercise them best I can. We never give up tho do we? Gentle hugs hon. Irene


Thanks so much for passing this on. I'm having problems with my hands. The GP suggested surgery, but I was too scared to agree. It would be a great help to find out what it's all about. XX


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