Injecting Methotrexate


I posted a couple of weeks back about my apprehension over injecting MXT, and you all offered very encouraging and supporting words.

Well..... I have now given myself two injections (the first one under the eye of my practice nurse, the second at home solo) and I can't tell you how much better I feel without the side effects from the MXT tablets. I used to have such awful tummy cramps, nausea, headaches and general yukkiness. I am pleased to say the worst has passed. I think I need my dosage upped but the Rheumy wanted me to switch to injections first before increasing.

I feel so much more positive again - it really does drag you down feeling yukky all the time. I have my fingers crossed that when the MXT is increased it will help keep my ouchies under control again.

Thank you lovely people for your words of wisdom and encouragement :-) xxx

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  • Hello Jem

    Well done, you know where we are if you need support etc


  • Thank you. It's a great place for support :-)

  • Well done - I'm still waiting for the letter from the consultant to my GP so I can start - it seems to be going via India!!!

  • Fingers crossed (excuse the pun!) the letter arrives soon :-)

  • You will be an expert jabber in no time :) Good its worked so well.

    Ive just gone to injection MTX and after 2 doses I feel much better too (hooray)... I have had an upset tummy for months that I had put down to leflunomide but now Im thinking its the oral MTX. What dose do they have you on?

  • Hi there just wondering if you put on weight with your upset stomach, I have come of methotrexate because of major stomach issues. cheers

  • Quite the opposite, which is a bit of a miracle! I couldn't face eating much. I'll have to be careful now!

  • Hello Netbuddy,

    I went to my Rheumy yesterday as a matter of fact & I'm going off Leflunomide because it was tough on my system, if you catch my drift. I had to be near a bathroom very often. I'm glad to get off of it.

    I will start MTX injections next week.

    Good Luck getting correct doses.

    take Care,


  • I found I had to be near a bathroom with MXT tabs, but that has gone now. I hope the injections are good for you too :-)

  • Excellent news - it makes such a difference to feel less yukky. I'm on 15mg at the moment.

  • Hi Jem, good on you! I too learnt to inject myself and felt very proud. I was told that the injections are far more effective so you may not need to up your dose. I have stopped the injections at present as I have a major health problem and need to see if it is the methotrexate. wishing you well. trish

  • Thanks, I was really chuffed with myself. Hopefully the injections will be more effective. Sorry to hear you have major probs. keep positive, and here's hoping they improve quickly. Jem

  • Well done! So pleased that it has improved your quality of life!

  • Thank you! It is such a massive relief :-)

  • Hello Jem95

    Glad to hear Methotrexate injections are helping you & that you were able to give yourself the shot.

    I went to my Rheumy yesterday & will be starting Methotrexate injections in about a week when it gets delivered to me. I hope I will do as well as you. There is always apprehension starting a new med.

    Take Care,


  • I am sure you will be fine. I was amazed how easy it was, and how little it hurt. If I can do it, anyone can :-) MXT has it's down points, but has helped my RA so much. i hope it works for you too.

  • Well done x

  • Thank you :-) x

  • Lovely to hear someone else having 'ouches'. Thought I was the only one who made those involuntary yelps.

  • :-)

  • Starting to feel more confident that I will do ok, ( thanks to your responses) with my MTX injections when it arrives BUT..... Now I'm reading about hair loss, whicjh is freaking me out. I already have hair loss due to Hypothyroid condition. My hair is very short now, so hoping not to lose anymore. It's always something, I guess. I am hoping for the best & trying to start with a positive attitude !

  • I really worried when I started MXT but the benefits have far outweighed the negatives i.e. side effects. Try and keep an open mind and give it a whirl. Part of me hates it, but another part of me loves it for the relief it has brought me. Keep smiling!

  • I have injected MTX for 12 years...I have had lupus and RA for 44 years..I have done it all...Entrophen, Indocid, in the 70's, gold shots,ndedeaproxen, T3,s in the 80's, moved from Northern Ontario to Texas in the 90',s, got deported back to the land of the ice and snow, in 1999 prednisone,...plaquenil., celebrex, leflonomide, oral methotrexate.....made me sicker than the actual chronic disease......So I refused all of it 3 weeks later I also have colitis and you can be sure oral MTX ,10 tablets once a week did nothing for my "attractiveness quotient"! I started injecting 8 mg a week, one leflonomide a day, and celebrex twice a day if needed.......I now inject 3 mg a week , one leflonomide a day and celebrex rarely!! I also changed my diet to fruit, veggies, seafood, chicken, fish and turkey. I have tried several herbal and holistic here is what works for me milk thistle for the liver, zinc, ginger and echinacea for immune system, ,evening primrose oil for the damn hot flashes but the best of all, ..I have recently discovered ( like 2 weeks ago) is TUMERIC!! I found it in liquid form....good for aiding liver function,and joint pain. THIS STUFF HAS IMPROVED EVERY ASPECT OF MY ARTHRITIS IN A MATTER OF 6 DAYS!!! Pain, inflammation, morning stiffness (NONE!), general fatigue, swollen redness.....( a little constipation, but nothing a tad of psyllium husk can't cure!)

    Works for me!! ( And another interesting fact I found online, was East Indians have WAY fewer cases of RA and Tumeric is a spice that is used daily in several of their staple dishes. Just sayin'...)

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