Hi All. Had one of those annoying nights where I was waking up and thrashing about repeatedly. Knowing I had to get up and go for blood tests and somehow manage to pee into a minuscule pipette it would have been sensible to just cut my losses and get up. Sadly sensible isn't my middle name so I came over all belligerent and stayed put. The law of sod saw me drifting off at precisely the wrong time so I had a real sleep hangover when it was time to get up. Somehow managed to lose half an hour and suddenly realised I had 15 minutes to bung on clothes and get to the surgery. Thankfully the gods were smiling on me and I made it before I was called in. Decided to go straight on to the supermarket as I knew I'd never leave the house again if I went home as it takes nothing to wipe me out at the mo. Was wondering why everything was hurting so much when I realised I'd forgotten to take my pain meds in my haste. No worries, thinks I, I'll take them once I park up but - DOH! - forgot to put spare meds in bag. Considered going all the way home but decided a coffee and a rest would get me through as I didn't have loads to get. Big mistake! Anyone watching must have thought I had an invisible bungee attached to me that was making me slower the further I got into the store. By the end I was so slow and lame there were octogenarians sprinting past me! So I'm now flaked out on the sofa staring blankly at daytime TV with no clue what's showing. All in all not my most successful day.

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  • Oh dear! I'm coping with high levels of pain at the moment so can sympathise. Hope the sofa is nice, warm and comfy.

  • Lol!!! Sorry but actually it's the daft sort of thing I do and then remember everyone's words " pacing"

    Which I am do rubbish at ha ha

    Hope you get a good sleep tonight xxxx

  • Made me laugh,sorry sounds a lot like me! X

  • Oh dear hope your resting now. Hopefully you will sleep tonight xxx

  • Gentle hugs.


  • Sounds like me even though I have taken my meds. I have to go to moorfields hospital in 2 weeks but don't know if I will be able to walk from station. Might have to get taxi from Ruston. Anne

  • ooops your not alone, sounds like me and reading the posts lots of others as well, sending gentle hugs

    Jen x

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