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Give me strength!

The past few days have been intolerable! My knee is sore and actually looks swollen (never had visible signs before apart from the red neck and back when my neck popped!) my fingers, knuckles and wrists creak and groan like there's sand in my joints and my upper back and neck are burning. Plus my toes are hurting to the point I don't like the duvet touching them. Im exhausted and getting irritable with the poor kids (although, to be fair they are acting like cats who've got the wind in their tails!) Tried to bring my consultant appt forward to no avail, still got to wait until the 10th March :-( popping neurofen like candy now! Any tips on pain management pre-consultancy? Hate whinging but no one else to vent to - sorry! :-(

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I feel so sorry for you, you sound as if you are in a horrid flare. Did the Rheumy nurses not say they would see you? Ours often will give you a steroid jab earlier.

The best ones I find for pain relief is the GP though who can help and mine also will ring the Rheumy and say I need to be seen earlier too.

Hope you get sorted soon xx



It would seem that you need too see the GP for pain control medication and possibly a better NSID, It may be possible to fix you up with an urgent appointment.

Have you been to see the Specialist before ?. If not discuss with GP a treatment plan to get you through to your hospital appointment

All the best



My GP gave me Naproxen but I only took a couple, they didn't agree with me. I can't have anything that knocks me out because I need to be able to sleep with my ears open just in case daughter has a night time hypo :-( Yes Bob, this will be my first consultation, I'm trying to keep my expectations low just in case I get turned away or a prescription or pain management is not forthcoming immediately.


Talk to GP. They're so important in keeping a holistic view of your condition. It's not going to change much but meditation can help you relax a bit, pain makes you tense up. Remember you're not alone. My treatments been suspended while I wait for an MRI scan. Could be 8 weeks.


Bless you Cathie, won't you go cold turkey doing that, hope its not too horrendous for you x


I have not had any treatment for nearly a year and kept being told that I can have an injection and they will make an appointment asap, this was before xmas! In the meantime I find that a hot bath before bed, ibuprofen gel and lots of pillows and cuddly toys... I find that gripping the legs helps to support my hands and pillows to stop my knees from touching each other. In the morning a hot shower and I have been taking omega 3 for two months, which does seem to make me feel a little better. I started popping paracetamol like sweets but I stopped as they really only helped with a headache. I also have codeine from my GP, which I use sometimes before bed to help with pain,perhaps your GP will let your have a low dose of this as it does not make you sleepy and I think its ok to have ibuprofen tablets with it. #the chemist sells stronger tablets than Tesco,s. Good luck hope you find help soon x


So sorry to hear your state. I have 30/500 cocodamol but I only take one plus one paracetamol as two make me feel sick. Hot water bottles and those wheat packs you microwave help me a lot.just had my new rheumy app but instead of the 12 weeks I was told, is now 21 weeks! Lol. My knee is very swollen now and I really want it drained and have a steroid injection, but will have to ring rheumy nurse or GP as can't wait that long. Nag your GP for an early app as you sound as though you need it. Good luck. Anne


Yes I agree with others that would be good to go talk to your GP about what will help get you through till March. There are many different NSAIDS and just because naproxen didn't suit you doesn't mean that others won't, so ask about those as well as steroids. Hot and cold packs are good and also getting your OH to look after the kids at night so you can sleep.

Also take photos of the swollen bits, and start a diary of symptoms as you want to be able to show the consultant how it's been and just in case the swelling goes down by then.


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