I know that many of you have been having problems with Healthcare at Home, Don't know if anyone has read this , it appeared on my fb page

Statement from Healthcare at Home:

Late last week Pfizer, the manufacturer of Enbrel, confirmed that there is a Europe-wide intermittent disruption in the supply of the 50mg MyCLIC pre-filled Enbrel pens. Healthcare at Home is working with Pfizer, the Department of Health and the NHS to manage supply levels to their patients through this disruption.

This only currently affects the supply of the 50mg MyCLIC pen. All other Enbrel patients will be unaffected.

Mike Gordon, Chief Executive of Healthcare at Home as said: “We fully understand how critical it is for our patients to receive a regular supply of their medication. Until Pfizer, the manufacturer of Enbrel, has resumed normal levels of supply, we have agreed a plan with the Department of Health and Pfizer and will be contacting all affected patients by letter and by telephone to discuss their delivery schedule.

Patients don’t need to do anything at this time as we will be in contact with those affected before their next delivery. We have set up a dedicated support team for Enbrel 50mg MyCLIC patients on 0330 123 0273 or via email on We are also providing regular updates on our website

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This is really interesting. When I first had problems, they did say it was due to supply problems. But when I got my last delivery 4 weeks ago they seemed to imply that everything was back to normal. Let's see what happens next.


I belong to the Arthritis Care Expert Reference group on facebook, and it was posted on there yesterday. I thought it would interest those of you who use this service.


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