I take morphine ,naproxen ,paracetamol ,lansoprazole ,amitriptyline and ,venlafaxine all for oa , I swim every week day ,

the doctor said I am now bone on bone with both knees , last week I was worried that I was doing to much at the gym as well as the swimming , recommended I stopped the gym for a week or too as well as saying that my pain was in my head , has any one else had this from there gp , glad I see the surgeon on Friday

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  • Everybody's pain is in their head - it's where you feel the pain! What stupid things people say don't they -and it comes over to us as if they think we are making it all up. If they had the pain they wouldn't make remarks like that.

    It sounds as if you have lost the joint space in the knees with loss of cartilage - might be sensible to do non-weight bearing exercises?

  • well only 25 days ago I was told the pain was in my head , well 25 days later and sat at home with a full knew knee , I had surgery last Monday under a spinal ( would recommend to any one ) I had damage all parts of my knee , by mid-day I was sat up in bed feeling much better and ready to eat ,by tea time I had been out of bed ,yes things are sore and yes you have to work at it , so so much for all this pain in my head or was all this a dream , but will defo not see that gp again .

  • Bone on bone is excruciating pain, and I am amazed that you manage to do as much as you are - well done! I have the same issue in feet and knees and am in loads of pain - acknowledged by my consultant who just looked at the x-rays and grimaced. Your Dr sounds like she/he has some interpersonal skill issues. I very much imagine the surgeon will be able to give you much better advice on Friday. Best wishes.

  • Sounds gross, has any one suggested replacement surgery?

  • fingers crossed will find out tomorrow , the surgeon says im too young , but said that he may put me on his waiting list of about 8 weeks

  • Good, pls let me know how you get on! I have hip problems but have been told gps not allowed to refer patients to hospital now! Had MRI scan Monday to see if results will help my application! Anne

  • hi anne thanks for your reply , I saw the surgeon today , he has agreed I need a new knee and has put me on the waiting list ,which is about 8 weeks and asked if I would be available any time , so im pleased that I can see light at the end of the tunnel thanks Debbie

  • Wow, that is such good news. I know of a few people who have had new knees and after the initial pain have never looked back! Please would you keep in touch? I won't get the results of my scan til next week. Hang in there! Anne

  • hi dr who fan , saw the surgeon on Friday 31 st and he put me on his waiting list , great at last I thought , then I got a phone call on Wednesday from the hospital asking can I come in now for a pre op med , yes I said so off I went and had my bloods taken and all the other tests and now im going in Monday , 6 weeks earlier than I was told , cant wait although my nerves are kicking in , but the thought of less pain sounds great and may even get back into work before the summer hols as long as my other knee alowes me at worse I will have the other done and get back in September , just the thought of work and getting more money in my bank is great . fingers crossed for you , Debbie

  • That is such good news, much better to get it done sooner, less time to worry! I should get my MRI results Monday, but found out GP on leave cos it's half term here! Lol! Will keep fingers crossed for you. Gentle hug on the way. Please let me know how you get on if you can. Anne x

  • yes I will let you know next week ,and thanks for the gentle hug that's so nice ,.hope your results work out good for you , will be thinking of you on Monday while they dig away at my bones lol .Debbie x

  • well its Friday the 21st , and its all done and dustered , cant tell you how easy it was to what I thought , the spinal was perfect slept all the way through , only remembered waking once to hear banging ,didn't think it was me , was back on the ward for 2 wide awake and hungary by tea time I had been out of bed and sat on a chair and had eaten , I wasn't rushed at all the staff were fantastic , yes there is pain but your in control and you only have to ask ,the first night was painful and felt that nothing would ever be right again ,but over the next two days ive come on leaps and bounds not looking back , I know I still have a long way to go but the tunnel has a big light on at the end , so happy right now :)

  • I am so pleased that everything seems to have gone well and that you are feeling happy! Let's hope the weather breaks and we have some fine weather so that you can get out. My MRI results show that I have 'moderate to severe OA, cysts under the very thin cartilage, a tear in my labrum, and inflamation in both hip joints! Lol, hope that is enough to see a Surgeon! I have now been on 10mg predisalone for 4 weeks, and am feeling the benefit. (Unfortunately have to cut down to 5mg for the remaining 4 weeks) Actually walked down to shops yesterday, albeit with a stick! Physio signed me off as can do no more till GP decides whether to refer me. Roll on Monday. Keep up the good work, another hug on the way. Anne x

  • 6 days later and ive been home for 3 days , iam very tolerant to pain killers so finding one thats right for me is a tough one was given a different drug still morphine based ,was taking 30 mg while in hospital and when I left was given only 10mg , and ended up in a& e being told I should take 20 mg not 10 as told , so lucky though I saw the same surgeon that had operated , I found the drop in meds hard and was feeling yak ,today is a good day , I can wash , clean dress myself ,I can even make a drink although I cant carry it ,finding it hard to ask for help that's just not me , the only thing ive had to ask for is some one to put my sock on ,so over all its a thumbs up all the way ,

  • hows things going with you ,has your gp given you a referral ? 10 days post opp and things are looking good , ive had a few down days where I not been as good as norm but there again after a big opp like that its normal , I can see a change every day , seem to have some pressure at the back of my leg and it feels like its not getting blood, but im told that its due to swelling and bruising , got my first physo tomorrow think things will be ok but bending is very stiff ,hope your getting what you need . hugs back x Debbie

  • Hi Debbie, glad things are going well for you - hope the pain is beginning to go. My daughter was told to take arnica tablets when she had two operations, to help with bruising, swelling etc. she said it really helped. My doctor has started the ball rolling. First I had to make an appointment to be phoned up (10th march) to be assessed(?), then if I meet the criteria I get an appointment with the surgeon. Seems weird to me but that's how is is, so the GP said. Just wait and see. My rheumy app. Has been changed from 24th to 10th April, when I should get my knee aspirated and steroid injection. Can't wait. Hugs xx anne

  • fingers crossed , xxxx

  • sorry bit of a mix up there my name is Debbie , and yes will keep in touch , and fingers crossed for you , cant explain how I feel now that at last there is light at the end of the tunnel , also looking forward to seeing my gp and telling him that one of the other gp s said that I was a long way of and that the pain was in my head , wht a great feeling :) thanks dr whofan

  • Yea I got that from my gp few weeks bk, docs, I'll give him a pain in the head,, needless to say fook him, next doc please,, ohh keep us posted on ur journey, I fink I need a hip replacement as I'm bone on bone now wit major pain increasing & morphine not working ,mmmmmmm x

  • hi weelamb , have you any news on your hip , after my knee was done , there was e few ishues with pain killers , they had to change me to a different morphine tablet that was stronger , they say that my body was not reacting to the other ones , but on the bright side 12 days on and things are looking good and enjoying the lack of pain in one knee x

  • Hey ya, oh I shud know tis Wednesday, referred bk to doc from physico as she can do no more 4me:-( will keep u posted!!x

  • hope its good news for you xx

  • I too am on the same drugs ones im not on is naproxen and venlafaxine, havent been on this for 20 years or so.

    I would defo stop the gym but i was also told swimming is very good as its no weight bearing exercise.

    GP what did he say that the pain is in your head, have you asked him if he has your problems? I just hope that he didnt say that he/she 'knows how you feel'.

    You say you are bone on one i take it you are in for new joints?

    The pain is your, own it and tell it where to go - are you one morphine tablets and oramorph?

  • hi kazp , had a bit of a rush this week ,yes was on the list for new joints and got a cancelation last week , now a week and im up and about , ive complained to my normal gp about what one of his parteners had said , not that he could say much but I wont be seeing him again ,but on the bright side the surgeon did agree that it needed to be done so here I am not even a month on and one knee down and one to go , and no looking back , considering myself very lucky

  • thats the way hope all goes well with the other knee.

  • thank you :)

  • Aww that's great news I'm back to see my consultant in 2 weeks I'm 56 I had chondroplasty last July on bad left knee just 4 weeks on had right 1 done gave me a little relief but. The pain s back BIG time!,,,,,, I'm hoping he will consider me for replacement can't take this pain anymore feel like I'm going mad

  • will keep my fingers crossed for you , the replacement will give you so much , I cant explain how much better I feel now and its only 3 weeks ago . been for physo this morning and have now got a bend of 105 degrees and have fullness in my straight knee , yea its still sore and stiff but I can see the sun at the end of that tunnel , good luck xx

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