Regarding recently removed posts

Hi all

Some of you may have seen a couple of posts relating to the use of cannabis for pain relief on the forum today. Both of these posts were reported to us and in looking at the content of the threads we decided on this occasion to remove them, but wanted to make our forum users aware of why we have taken this action.

There is a form of medical marijuana available under some circumstances on prescription, but as much of what was posted was about the non-pharmacological version, which under current UK law is an illegal substance, we felt that discussing this on the NRAS HealthUnlocked forum was not appropriate, though we appreciate that some people do take this for pain relief, which is a matter of personal choice, and that the law will differ in some countries.

It was also drawn to our attention that some of what was posted referred to studies in osteoarthritis, so would not necessarily be relevant to rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have concerns or any further questions about the removal of these threads, please feel free to contact me by PM, but we would prefer people not to comment on this thread.

Kind regards


(NRAS Senior Information & Support Coordinator)


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