I hope you all are members ?! and got the winters magasine.

As usual it's full of brilliant articles and advice. You might see I have put in an article on going to festivals and tips on coping! Daniella has gone a marvellous job with my pics etc.

I think most of you know my name is Eileen Allanah, so your not confused by the names, and then you can use it as a darts board when you have read the interesting stuff.

Do join NRAS the mags are always good, this one is marvelous cough cough lol !

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  • How do I join?

  • Go to , the main NRAS website. At the top of the page green at is a join bar. Or you can just phone the helpline I think. You can also fund raise and volunteer for lots of jobs !

  • Just search Nras in Google and you will find the information there including their telephone number. The website address is also

  • As you are now a 'Celebrity' will you be getting free passes now to all this summer's festivals. xx

  • Lol as if! But might inspire some people to try to go! But if you want my autograph ? ........

  • Oh wow my mag came today and had just finished reading the article about festivals lol I didn't twig that it was you its a fantastic article, :) well done you xx

    I have to say I always look forward to receiving the mag it always has something interesting in it

    Jen x

  • Yep got my mag today and saving it for my lunch time read tomorrow at work. It's always very informative & full of inspiring people, like you. Very glad I joined last summer. Xx

  • Allanah, My mag came today, I read your article and had no idea it was you. It was very interesting reading!!

    I must say though on leafing thru the mag. I was left feeling hopelessly inadequate when I read of people motorcycle racing, docklands swimming, sailing, abseiling, climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling 62 miles etc., and all people with RA. I am struggling so much just to walk from my lounge to my kitchen at the moment, so these things could never apply to me no matter how much I wanted to take part.

    You looked very summery and happy in the pictures, you must have had a fabulous time!! Lynda x

  • I know , I think a lot if the fundraiser s doing these things are special. I did Glasto with lots of help but it was fab. very different to pre RA but still brilliant to be able to do it as I thought my festival days were over and THAT i could not cope with! The girl in the picture with me is my daughter Katy that I talk about! Xx

  • Lynda i agree with you i couldn't do half of what those people have done. Also if we managed them i would lose my esa and dla,not that i could do any of it to start with. Mind you it was a lovely read to hear that people with RA are able to do these sort of things.xxxx

  • Well if you hadn't reacted to Cimzia you were feeling much better and maybe could have climbed Kilimanjaro !

  • That's what your personal assistant is for! They help you to get up, they also go and get your drinks and food and Katy carries my camping chair and waterproofs etc. the PA and the volunteers put up and down my tent and got my equipment to the bus for me. I also take a very quick to put up camp bed which is high off the floor to make it easier to stand up and use a tent with a high roof so I am not on the floor or crouched.

  • Hi Lynda

    Please don't feel inadequate remember many of the people featured in the magazine, who are doing these amazing fundraising events, don't have RA themselves, they are family members, health professionals etc. who want to support their loved ones or patients by raising money for NRAS to improve the lives of those living with RA. I do hope you find the articles on drug developments, helpline queries etc useful to you.

    Always remember our helpline staff are here to help via email or by calling 0800 298 7650 Mon - Fri if you are ever feeling a bit down and need to talk or have questions about any aspect of living with RA.

  • I have read it darling, a very good read it is too with some good info for those that would enjoy the festivals.xxxxx

  • I have not received my copy yet but I shall looking for the article in question!!

    How does it feel to be famous? !!

  • Ooh darlink I was famous before lol xx

  • Hi Allanah,

    Thanks for the positive message about the magazine/membership - your article is really lovely and I know our other Members will enjoy reading it too. We're always happy to send out old editions of the magazine to those who might be interested in seeing a copy (try before you buy!) so just give the Membership team (Gail and I) on 0845 458 3969 and we'll happily send you one. You can find more information about Membership on our website - we look forward to hearing from you :o)


  • Thanks Allanah for your kind words - it's really great to receive feedback about the magazine too!


    Media & Communications Officer


  • Hi Allanah,

    Yes, I spotted you. You now have your name in print! Can I have your autograph please? Great article. Having perused the mag I'm now preparing to walk the Great Wall of China, Jump out of a Plane, Climb Kilimanjaro (had to look up the spelling of that) and maybe do a bit of abseiling. Before that though I think I'll take a quick look at Clare's new exercise section on the website. Small steps first.

  • Good idea, as Clare says the amazing fundraisers are generally friends family or people interested in arthritis. But I do fundraising, don't climb hills but if you have only old jewellry costume or real, Clare will send you envelopes and nras gets money. Katy sent them 6 last week from just asking her friends. Also you can do a tea party! Nras will give you a pack and they are great fun! Any proceeds goes to nras so you don't have to be super fit lol xx

  • I'm seriously thinking of the tea party idea. Could ask them to bring any old jewellery at the same time. xx

  • :)

  • Hi Scouser, the magazine is part of NRAS membership which costs £25 a year (by cheque or card) or £20 if you pay by Direct Debit. The magazine is printed three times' a year (spring, autumn, winter).



  • Just had an email from attitude is everything. They said get in touch, if you want as they use " mystery shoppers" , so you go to a festival and if they want a report on that festival or event they help you with costs and write a report on your findings. also S have a look on the attitude is everything website. Also they need disabled stewards so if you have experience of attending festivals or events and wish to steward you gGet in free but work some volunteer shifts, you can have your PA to help you free and you get meals free. Worth thinking about maybe? Axx

  • Yes, great article! As Allanah mentioned, there's other things you can do to fundraise which anyone can get involved with and don't require physical activity. The Tea Party is back this year (with a new look at the end of the month) and yes, recycling can be a great way of raising money, as well as using Give as you Live, the online shopping app which donates money at the end of your online purchases with certain stores. Check out the 'Other ways to give' section on our website for more information -

    You can also get in touch with the team on, we'll be happy to help!



  • I agree with people who feel a bit ambivalent about all the marvellous things fundraisers are capable of doing. Its taken me ten+ years to come to terms with some of the things I will never be able to do again. Sometimes you start off on a path towards something and another complication comes and knocks you for six. its good that there are people who can do fundraising, maybe there's also space for people who have found ways of helping others without necessarily doing something physical. Perhaps there are many people with RA in advice centres or in caring work? I think it might also be worth highlighting them.

  • Yes you can also train and volunteer as a telephone volunteer x

  • At one point I thought I might re-train as a counsellor. Since them a lot of people have come for me to listen to them. Occasionally my RA rears its head and I think people might begin to get an understanding of what this involves. Makes it a less lonely journey for me but at the same time does serve to spread the message among people who aren't directly affected.

  • I think you would be a great counsellor. I always said to people for example I can help you stop smoking even though I don't smoke, I can help you over your heart attack even though I hVent had one! But having the experience of being chronically ill probably makes you more empathetic xx

  • I think it can do. My mum had RA and we went through very tricky times with her - I do understand her better now! I've got too much else on my plate these days to train properly as a counsellor, but I can do my best for friends.

  • I agree with you Cathie - it's good to make use of the skills people have rather than so much focus on the ones they may have lost irretrievably.

    It was great to read about you being a rock fest queen Allanah - I felt very proud of you!

    Tilda x

  • Ye I think the mag just tells people about fundraising such as climbing as the mags for people with RA or families or health professionals! Do u remember for example dr lee canoeing round Britain, how amazing was that and he's now a consultant in Newcastle.

  • Yes I thought Allanah's piece was very helpful for those of us who would like to go to festivals again. I did do a few country shows but nothing since Womad some years ago. Maybe this coming year...

  • Brill, ask attitude is everything if they need a mystery shopper and they will help with your costs!

  • Thanks T xx

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