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RA & shaky hands (hand tremor) connection

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My left hand shakes at time and i have been experiencing for some time now. it comes & goes for just short period of time....like 3 - 5mins. but last night it lasted more than that while i was at a function taking photos! then after some time i started to feel pain on my right wrist but am ok now.

Has anyone else experience this hand tremor? what is the connection between RA & hand tremor?

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Both my hands shake and have done for several years now. It is really annoying. I hadn't said anything to my doctor about it but sometime back, she noticed it when I reached out to take a prescription from her. She was concerned and referred me to a neurologist. He checked me over and said it was a "tremor of unknown origin" and that lots of people with long-term health problems have them and it could be caused by some of the medications that we take. He suggested a particular one that I was taking at the time. However, I am not on that one now and I still have shaking hands. The good news is that they haven't got any worse over time.

I do get shaky hands intermittently. I haven’t said anything to my doctor because I don’t want more appointments to attend. It doesn’t happen all of the time and didn’t think it had to do with RA but maybe it is the meds.

Hi I am interested to read this as my hands have been shaking more recently and my legs often feel like they are trembling inside which gets tiring. There is a condition called benign essential tremor which is basically a tremor where they cannot identify a neurological cause, which one of my family has. I don’t know if mine is that or related to RA and medication. Trying to get a gp appointment as they are meant to rule out thyroid issues by blood tests as that can cause tremor and can be related to autoimmune conditions.

I started three years ago with the hand and now my right leg shakes when standing still I asked the doctor if it was Parkinson’s he dismissed it my rheumatologist just made a note if it on file and said not to worry

My husband has had this problem, eventually after feeling very unwell he had magnesium levels checked. They came back as extremely low , he was admitted to hospital urgently to be infused with magnesium and calcium to lift him out of danger he is now on daily capsules of magnesium and still having numerous tests to get to the bottom of the problem. hope this helps .


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