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Tai chi and RA

This is an academic study of the effects of tai chi on RA. Its called Tai chi for treating RA and is a review of a number of different studies which doesnt make extravagant claims - which I like. Some people might be interested!

I'll file it under therapy

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I can't click on the link Cathie - it comes up saying it's forbidden as I don't have permission to access it.

I recently bought a Tai Chi DVD as someone said it was good for RA/fibro. Only used it a couple of times but it certainly makes me feel calmer if nothing else.


It has helped me, but I've been lucky enough to have a tutor and I know that it's important to do it right. But v calming, you learn to think cool air into burning joints. Sorry about link, I'll see if I can find an easier way in. Article only really says that it helps but it ain't no miracle cure. But it does help to keep you mobile and esp leg muscles stronger, which is good.


This might work better. It isn't at all conclusive, which I think is right. But it does say its safe for us, and that it helps a bit.


Hi cathie,

Thanks for that. My son has just reached teacher status for Tai chi and keeps trying to persuade me to take it up. He has shown me a few forms but I would like to take it more seriously. I do have problems with the basic stance though, knees and ankles won't co-operate.


That's great - well done your son! The basic stance is sitting/standing and I find its a great way to stand for a length of time. The key thing is to work out your tan tien, its basically an equilibrium. I think my tutors website has some videos which might be helpful


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