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A Poet?

While trying to write a line or two

the way that poets are meant to do,

I struggle hard to find a rhyme

and usually get one - just in time.

Rhythm also causes trouble,

Why can't verses flow and bubble?

Maybe I should pack it in

Throw my poems in the bin.

I wish the muses would be kind

and make it so that I could find

the words I need, so full of power

that lift my poems and make them tower.

But they're so bad, I think they all

should be consigned to the toilet wall

where people who have time to spare

could read them through without a care.

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I agree with Scouser! thank you for sharing your poems I enjoy reading them . love Alison


I love reading your poems...if you were to put them on toilet wall, everyone would be taking senakot (wrong spelling) so they would have to go more often.x

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Oh dear, I can see the stocks and shares for toilet paper going up then...ha ha ha.


Well done for making me smile at silly o'clock.xxxx


Yet another poem from you that made me smile, thank you x

Your poems always seem to pop up just at the right time and I sure could use some on my toilet wall right now the time I am having to spend in there


Don't ever give up, your poems are so should put them all into a book of poems....I'm sure you'd get a huge following (and not just to the!!) xx


I love your poems, whatever you may think of them - will be joining the queue for the toilet if you post them there!

Hugs, Cece x


Please don't throw your poems "in the bin". They are great and make me smile - thank you.


Please don't think your poems are bad,

They brighten our day when we're feeling sad,

So please don't throw them in the bin,

That would be a terrible sin,

Collect them all and in a while,

Perhaps you could save them in a file,

Then one day when you're feeling blue,

What they do for us, they will do for you.

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to bin your poems would be a crime,

we read and enjoy them every time.

if the muse escapes, just bide your time,

relax, it'll return, and bring a rhyme.

and like a tide runs to the shore,

your poems will flow, poemsgalore! :D

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Well I already have 136 ordinary poems, and 52 cancer poems, some of which are unrepeatable on here (blushing) but they helped me and 26 February Valentines through our chemo. I will keep writing, and keep posting. If you ever get fed up, let me know ;-)

Kath xx


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