A Poet?

While trying to write a line or two

the way that poets are meant to do,

I struggle hard to find a rhyme

and usually get one - just in time.

Rhythm also causes trouble,

Why can't verses flow and bubble?

Maybe I should pack it in

Throw my poems in the bin.

I wish the muses would be kind

and make it so that I could find

the words I need, so full of power

that lift my poems and make them tower.

But they're so bad, I think they all

should be consigned to the toilet wall

where people who have time to spare

could read them through without a care.

11 Replies

  • I agree with Scouser! thank you for sharing your poems I enjoy reading them . love Alison

  • I love reading your poems...if you were to put them on toilet wall, everyone would be taking senakot (wrong spelling) so they would have to go more often.x

  • Oh dear, I can see the stocks and shares for toilet paper going up then...ha ha ha.

  • Well done for making me smile at silly o'clock.xxxx

  • Yet another poem from you that made me smile, thank you x

    Your poems always seem to pop up just at the right time and I sure could use some on my toilet wall right now the time I am having to spend in there

  • Don't ever give up, your poems are so good....you should put them all into a book of poems....I'm sure you'd get a huge following (and not just to the toilet...lol!!) xx

  • I love your poems, whatever you may think of them - will be joining the queue for the toilet if you post them there!

    Hugs, Cece x

  • Please don't throw your poems "in the bin". They are great and make me smile - thank you.

  • Please don't think your poems are bad,

    They brighten our day when we're feeling sad,

    So please don't throw them in the bin,

    That would be a terrible sin,

    Collect them all and in a while,

    Perhaps you could save them in a file,

    Then one day when you're feeling blue,

    What they do for us, they will do for you.

  • to bin your poems would be a crime,

    we read and enjoy them every time.

    if the muse escapes, just bide your time,

    relax, it'll return, and bring a rhyme.

    and like a tide runs to the shore,

    your poems will flow, poemsgalore! :D

  • Well I already have 136 ordinary poems, and 52 cancer poems, some of which are unrepeatable on here (blushing) but they helped me and 26 February Valentines through our chemo. I will keep writing, and keep posting. If you ever get fed up, let me know ;-)

    Kath xx

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