Silver lining

Just a quick update following my Wednesday whinge. Still not quite recovered from bad reaction to meds but every day a little better. Got a call yesterday telling me I got the job! So it was worth overdosing on Imodium and tattooing a smile on my face :) Goodness only knows what the other applicants were like if they gave it to a sweaty old woman alternating in colour between and grey and green with a rather clenched look but I'm not complaining. Must have been the truly cringe-worthy role play that impressed them. Thanks again for all the love and support. Pat xxx Ho ho ho

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  • Hello

    All the very best

    Merry Christmas and New year


  • Brilliant news :-)

    Dotty xx

  • Yeah Pat, see u r a genius and brilliant news, bet u r excited for the new year now xxxxx

  • Congrats to getting your new job well done you x

  • Congratulations on the job you can now relax over the festivities knowing that you have a new job to go to. xx

  • Congratulations Pat well done and i know you will have a very merry Christmas.but i will wish you one all the

  • well done. Hope you feel better soon .


  • Congratulations to you Pat, brilliant news about the job. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better....take care of yourself and hope you enjoy the Xmas holidays. xxx

  • Well done you:-}

    Cece x

  • Congratulation. Maybe just maybe....... once you have your feet under the table you may be able to share your interview technique.


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