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Late night blog!

Hey all,

Still no news , phone calls or letters from Rheumy after my shock appointment!

Had a nice day in York today, very helpful shop mobility people and I ran amok at the Chanel makeup counter.

Mum arrives for Xmas tomorrow , then the rest of the brood come home, so will be busy but i hope you all ok.

Thanks to Victoria at the NRAS helpline and all of you for your understanding. Think I have enough experience of pain, fatigue and RA drugs to still talk on here , I hope that is ok with you all. Until I know he has defiantly changed or added to the diagnosis then I will continue with the one I got three years ago!

Will check in again in a few days, love you all! Axx

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That's a good plan. Enjoy you mum being with you.

Love carole


Yes - definitely stay around! Hope you hear from the rheumy soon. I like the sound of running amok at the Chanel counter :) Have a lovely Christmas break x


Don't go anywhere!! Enjoy your busy times and try not to wear yourself out.

Dotty xx


I know what you mean when you wonder about diagnosis.I started with RA and i still have that. I now have Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome and i am told this is normal that you will get these problems as they go hand in hand with RA. I wish you and your family a very merry christmas.xxxxx


Hi A, So glad you have your family around you It will take your mind of some of the things that have happened to you this week, And you must stay online your knowledge and support is so valuable to the newbies, Have a good day.Matt


Hi, yes..yes you must stay on here...enjoy your mum being with you..I'm with mine today...I wish you happiness over this time.mary and chickenx


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