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hello still feeling grotty. I took the methotrexate dose on Saturday. I don't feel quite as sick all the time as I did but I am not eating very well and I have headaches and feel very groggy and out of it. Really hard, just can't do any thing much, in fact when I start to try and do things it feels like I've got motion sickness. If other people went through this to begin with how long did it go on for? I don't think I can cope much more if it goes on for weeks. I am going to ring the rheumatology nurse tomorrow. thanks for listening. maywing

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Hi I'm on my 2nd week of taking Methotrexate feeling exactly the same dizzy vertigo nauseous and washed out! Hoping this feeling will pass soon.


Hi. Methox and me tried many ways to get along...ginger to stop the sick feeling, folic acid, different times of day. We tried for 5 years (approx) coz it works for so many, you have to exhaust all possibilities. After many discussions and trials later, I asked that a different drug be used, I felt that I had given methox a fair go, but made me feel so very ill, I needed to try something different. I went into a 12month drugs trial thru my ra hosp with tocilizumab, which they agreed to continue after the trial finished (along with all the other drugs taken fm first diagnosed). No more dibilitating sickness, no more dread of meds. So speak to your nurse, tell them how it reacts, try everything, ask for med review, because anything is better than the alternative. Sorry for rant, but its your bod, you know it better than anyone else, but if you don't ask you won't get.


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