Hi, I have been taking Naproxen for 3 months now, for the pain and swelling in my hands. It has helped with the swelling a little and at first with the pain, but now the they seem to be increasing again, putting them in hot water helps for a while, but they are very stiff first thing, but ease a little through the day. I also get some very severe shooting pains in the fingers, also cramp. My Rheumy is not convinced this is RA, have to see him again in January. They are waking me at night with the pain too.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I also have Fibro, osteoarthritis, diabetes and sarcoidosis among other things.


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  • Hello

    You have not mentioned what pain medication you take.

    If the Naproxen is not working you will need to see your GP, if you are not on pain medications you will most probably need them to.

    Your GP will sort that out, I am not a doctor


  • I've had a lot of trouble with my hands and had carpol tunnel ops twice on both hands. Symtems finger swelling, pins and needles severe and pain up arms, First op helped a lot but not the second as i had too many arthitis noduales in them. I was told they would do decompression of the elbow if i need it. I also had splints i could wear to stop me bending my wrist which took peasure of the joint.

    Hope you get sorted soon , i feel for you .hugs to you on way


  • Speak to your rheumy nurse/doc about Arcoxia. I changed over to this when naproxen stopped working with fantastic results x

  • Hi all, thanks for your replies, the only pain meds I can take are paracetamol , I also take pregabalin for my Fibro. I will ask Rheumy nurse/doctor about other meds. Will phone Rheumy nurse on Monday, they are so busy that the can only return calls on Mondays and Thursdays, it used to be Mon to Fri. Will see what they can do. Thanks again for your answers.


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