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RA and TB

I went to see the rhummy today prepared to argue my case for tocilizumab without mtx when he told me that my blood test that I had before to check that it was ok for this drug came back positive for TB! Chest xray was clear. So still no drugs at all for RA only pain killers while I wait to see a chest specialist for more tests. He asked if I have been aboard recently - No, do I know anyone with TB - No. And yes I was vaccinated at school. Total shock as I was not expecting that, I had a test two years ago for Hurmira which was fine and a lung function test last year again fine. This is a new type of blood test which the hospital is now using. So still the RA spreads ...Anyone else had this problem and how did you cope.

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my best friend had it and sorry to tell you , she had to complete her course of antibiotics, I think four of them for six months, before they would start her RA treatment.

But you know its annoying but how bad would it be if you started the treatment and you got severe TB which spread as you had no immunity due to the RA drugs?

Lucky it didnt happen with the Humira or you maybe picked it up since, its hard to know. But what a shocker for you and I hope they start the TB treatment quickly and sort out some good painkillers for you.

Ps the TB went away with the treatment and she started Humira and is back at work full time and no problems since, lucky thing !! xxxAxx


Thanks for your answer it is nice to know that it can go away and that I may still get the treatment. I had Rituximab back in March which did not help me so that is why they retested before the next drug.


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