My computer has crashed! - happy update

My computer has crashed! I use the on-screen keyboard and click on letters with the mouse, no keyboard it crashed, now that's broke! copy and paste letter by

letter is tiresomely slow!



it's just started to work again :D

I've been running "system restore" going back to earlier restore points - 4th one worked, yay!! :)

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  • Oh no! You have to get it fixed if u win the vote! Lol x

  • if! :)

  • Hello Sandra

    Sorry it has become u/s, Remember it is the Devils tool. so therefore it takes the Devil too fix it.


  • If any one knows about the devil it's a riever. Remember the great curse of Glasgow??

  • Yes we still hide the cattle at the devils beef tub

  • thanks all :)

  • Glad its going again.

    If you do need a new (and cheap) computer, you might be able to get one through Desktops for £99 and laptops for £169. Its part of the citizensonline project sponsored by BT for digital inclusion, and mainly designed for newbies to getting online, but I think eligibility is just through being on certain benefits or being low income. If you're not eligible for the cheapest rate, the normal rate is still very cheap.

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