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Happy Easter

Hope you all have a peaceful Easter. Just to say I've had a letter about my last visit for injections. Apparently the loud crack in my right knee was due to a "rather large Baker's Cyst" Why don't they tell you at the time? I now have one on each knee!! No wonder walking is painful!!? Any way enjoy your day and I hope you are pain free. Thanks for the support you all give me xxxx

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I've had that I don't envy you.

Sending hugs



Oouch fizbom. I hope neither are causing swelling, the pain alone is enough to be coping with. Saying that, how is your pain relief doing, any better? I do hope so, unrelenting & unresponsive pain can be so wearing.

Anyway Happy Easter to you too & I hope you have a nice rest of the day Take care. x


Knees are both swollen and seem to have a sack of fluid on each at the front but left knee just swollen and very painful in the night/ mornings back to clinic on 15 th so will just wait and see. Home now and feet up! Hope you've had a good day xx


Best thing, feet up! Me too, foot problems! Does heat or cold packs help at all or not? Other than that maybe anti inflammatories will be reviewed on the 15th for you, hope so.

Not had a bad day, not a brill start had to visit the s-i-l who doesn't get RD & if drawn into conversation rolls eyes to the ceiling, grrr. I am bovvered? No much really, refuses to understand so her problem not mine, don't see her often enought to let it worry me! Hope you had a nice day. x


Yds cold is best bit messy never mind it works I had a good day with grandchildren, I have close family that don't understand it hurts but not as much as the RA!!! Xxx


Exactly! Best to concentrate on how we feel rather than others who refuse to even try. I'm pleased you had a good day. x


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