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Off methotrexate and going on hydroxychloroquinine next

So having failed with sulphasalazine and tried methotrexate over the last nine months and reacted badly three times the rheumy says to try Hydroxy.

Just wondering how this has worked for other people as it looks like it will be Hydroxy alone because of adverse reactions to the other two drugs. Just wish something worked for me other than the steroids! Cheers

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Hi Tuttlebees, As you will find out from the replies you get Hydroxy works for some and not for others, I have been on this for 18 weeks without any side affects and it has not worked yet, i will take it because this is the only RA drugs i am allowed because of my Lung problems and I think it's worth persevering along with my Steroids of course.Mattcass


i havent used this particular drug but have seen some good and not so good reults withit. But if your consultant is reccommending it i think it must be the one he thinks will be the best for you?

So good luck and fingers crossed you will be bouncing around in a few months!! xx


not had it but good luck :) x


I've had it in combination with MTX and sulpha. I couldn't get on with Sulpha so now on just the two. I can't tolerate too high a dose of MTX (liver issues) am waiting to go onto biologics, but there was a time when the MTX/Hydroxy combo worked pretty well for me, I don't think hydroxy is that strong a drug so most people tolerate it, whether it's enough on it's own to keep the RA at bay I'm not qualified to say, but if you've failed two DMARDs and your disease is still very active you may qualify for biologics as I have, probably woth raising at your next appt as you don't want to rely on long term use of steroids if you can avoid it.

Have you read the Disease Activity Score booklet on this sight and the biologics booklet, which references the NICE guidelines, both of these will give you lots of contextual information which may help given it appears you've reached a crossroads in your treatment

Good luck


HCQ was given me as an addition to MTX. Don't think it's that strong as RA drugs go. In any event MTX started to become less effective and I was put straight on to TOCILIZUMAB. Now in remission and MTX may soon be taken away. You might like to mention this to your rheumatologist as trials are ongoing with Tocilizumab to taper MTX and it sounds like you could qualify if you haven't been on anti tnf's yet. TOC works differently from anti tnf's as it blocks a protein called IL-6. It's the latest and possibly the most effective of all the biological.


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