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a big thank you

some time ago i posted on the site asking for advice after feeling unhappy with my consultants response. I got lots of really good advice and went back feeling empowered to argue my case. well it turned out to be unnecessary as my disease score had rocketed so he already agreed with my view that i wasnt in remission as he had previously stated and i start on an anti-tnf as soon as all the tests are done.

i just wanted to say thank you for the advice and support and let you know the sense of validation i felt really helped me through. if i can share one thing i learned from this experience, its have faith in yourself - you are the expert on your own experience.

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Well you're a really great advert for the help and support available on this site - I'm so glad to hear that you felt able to take control and that things are moving on for you treatment-wise. Let us know how you get on:-}

Cece x


Hey ghats fabulous news. About the anti TNT that is lol not the pain, so now you have this experiencd you can help the others on this site when they have this problem. And help keep them as positive as you sound. Which drug are u on now ?


enterecept as well as staying on my methotrexate. and yes i am pretty positive - i find it helps if i can be which isn't always but i manage most of the time. i've always tended towards being psychotically optimistic!


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