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soooooo tired

ty all for replying to my prevoius blog i have been telling nurse and doc soooo tired but no one takin much notice saw diff doc 6 weeks ago upped my thyroxine had blood test and still low so upped again hopefully these work just want some of my mojo back i know we sufferers will never get it completly why is you feel as though people dont believe you isaid it wasnt the fatigue thats different i was just so tired he also tells me i now have high colestrol i said prob from sitting on my b/s as too tired to move lol fingers crossed 8 weeks will be ok

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I find the fatigue aspect of RA one of the more difficult things to deal with. Even when my ESR, CRP and joint tenderness feel under control the fatigue never seems to abate. The only thing that has made any difference to this has been really getting to grips with Pacing - and accepting that somedays are a complete non-starter and my body is just saying 'rest'. If you've got a thyroid problem as well then you've got a double whammy. I know that there are other people on this site that have Thyroid issues as well as RA so hopefully they will reply to you too:-}

Cece x

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yes i agree ra fatigue is the worst thyroid just sleepy tired no energy


Total tiredness is the worst thing I think. When I was taken off Hurmira because my DAS score started going up all I could say was that I still woke up in the morning and could get out of bed and that alone was priceless! Now waiting on Nice for the third time. Joints hurt so much, fingers are swollen and I can hardly use my hands but he worst thing is the thick soup that I seem to be wading through to do anything. Luckerly I do get some sympathy from the hospital but it doesn't help with all the weight that I have put on and when I tried to walk more I ended up in so much pain for the next 3 days...feels like a no win situation at the moment but hopefully the drugs will be sorted out for both of us soon or they could just send us somewhere sunny where we could rest our backsides in warmer conditions :)


first time level been adjusted 1n 15 years so put it down to ra messing it up


You have my sympathy dealing with changing meds for both RA and hypothyroidism at the same time. I've had hypothyroidism for nearly 25 years and been on a steady dose of 175mcg p/d for the last 13 years which seems to suit me. That's not to say I don't suffer fatigue and fog with it occasionally if I overdo things or don't get enough sleep. I do think the RA fatigue is the main drain for me currently as, like you, my meds aren't currently optimised (I'm waiting. To start biologics) it sounds like they're still working through what's the right dose of thyroxine for you and once that is sorted, you will feel a big difference, especially with the weight. When my RA meds were working I found I could distinguish between RA and thyroid fatigue, the latter will only go when your meds are adjusted, RA is just random, with one day being very different from the next.......that's my take on it anyway:)

Hope things improve for you over the coming weeks.........xx


ty ronnie i have been on thyroid tabs for 15 years get tested every year and ok but now since ra gone right down so have to find a level x


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