Omg freak out :(( !!

Hello .... Well I've just recieved my Cimzia jabs and they are now in fridge , now don't get me wrong I am greatful I have them as others can't get biologics authorised sadly and I really hope they work so I can feel better ..BUT the size of them looks so daunting ...I'm not terribly squeamish as I already inject methotrexate but my goodness these look massive and so much in them , have made me really wobbly :((( ...the nurse will call me re training and administering them .....just quite nervous anybody felt the same ?? Thanku C x

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  • Don't panic!!! I thought exactly the same when mine arrived. Once you have taken the end off the needle is actually very small. It is the good grips handle I think that makes them look so scary. I have been on Cimzia for 8 weeks now and esr has gone from 36 to 8, that was at 6 week blood test. Please don't worry, it isn't magic but I am starting to feel better in myself and have more energy than I have in about 18 months. Good luck with it xx

  • Ah thanku you're right the handles are mental lol :(( ..really pleased Cimzia is working for you it's such a mix of emotions isn't it ..excited , nervous all sorts ... X

  • lol Clare! Same s most things in life ! they are disapointingly small when u take the covers off ! :)

  • Lol lol lol :) u always manage to make me laugh true so true ..

  • :)

  • And don't worry Claire when you come to really doesn't hurt at all....the only think I feel when I inject is a very slight sting as the drug goes in...that's all. Will keep everything crossed for you this works very quickly!

    :) xx

  • Ah thanku everybody xx will keep u updated :)

  • If you look closer the actual syringe is made of glass and is contained inside the plastic handles. The amount you inject is 1ml, a tablespoon is 15ml. So you are injecting 1 fifteenth of a tablespoon. Hope that makes you feel better.

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