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Foot drop, numb thumbs, numb area on back and now the sensation that something is walking up my neck and head.

Well I'm humbled I had an urgent MRI scan or my lower back today and within an hour of the scan had a call from the on call nice neuro Dr (was awaiting her to take over from other dr) to say there is nothing glaringly evident in my lover back that she could see would be causing this foot drop and other neuro symptoms. Great news and super service.

So next step is nerve conduction studies on Wednesday. Hoping they will shed some light on it all for me.

Only a few falls today too. So all round a not so bad day. :-)

Does anyone else have foot drop and numbness elsewhere and if so what are the causes. My consultant is focussing on possible mononeuritis multiplex or MS she has been very clear on both conditions but they are still clinical suggestions and not diagnosis yet. I have a meeting with my work tomorrow to discuss returning to work, mmmm not sure how I can nurse on crutches lol I'm supposed to provide a realistic return date how do I do that with out knowing what is causing the problems.


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that sounds excellent service!

I'm having terrible trouble with my right foot. it wants to be on its side but this is so painful I could scream ;-O


We take our feet for granted until things like this happen. It's unbelievable isn't it. And the pain is a none comforting pain xx


Hi Cara

Sorry to hear your dilema with your foot and your back. I've had severe pain and now suffer from a complete tear of my achilles tendon. Explored lots of treatments and orthotic appliances.

Just wonderded if this one might help you. It's made in Sweden abd called a "Dictus band" made by Erimed of Sweden . It can be worn over a shoe, they also have adaptations so that it csn be worn without footwear for indoor use.

Good luck with further tests. I Hope your results turn out well.

I also am a nurse, I recently gsve my job up after 36 years. Management and HR were not particularly helpful, so I retired, still trying for ill health retirement. There was no way I could continue wth my career, with the difficulties I was experiencing. Now I can concentrate on my health.

Good luck and best regards



Hi carol. I'm so sorry you had to retire. I'm worried that is my option but will know more tomorrow. I have found the caring profession management lacks empathy when one of our own are now well with the exception of the clinical care provided by our consultants and met.

I have a very similar AFO called foot up looks the same. I'm debating asking for a moulded plastic on or ever a cast air boot sounds good at the moment.


They wanted to give me an AFO but I declined it. So I now have an orthotic brace I can wear with shoes with a strap or boots. It's made of neoprene and very comfortable. Still not abke to walk far comfortably tho. Waiting on a 3rd surgical opinion. This one at a different hospital.

A word of advice. Always take a witness to your meetings, a union rep if possible. That was the best thing I did. Even if I am still trying for my ill health pension.



I just wanted to echo what Carole has said above - don't go to these meetings alone. If you don't have time to arrange this then just be matter of fact about recording the meeting on your mobile phone "as I had insufficient time to arrange representation I am recording this meeting - so that I can listen and respond without having to take notes and have an accurate record". If you're not in the union then join and request representation at meetings. If you're pushed for a decision then say "I need time to consider that and take advice" you do not have to make any on the spot decisions! As I've said previously to someone else, your household insurance will give you free legal cover for a legal opinion from an employment lawyer:-}

When you have a diagnosis then there will be a Treatment Plan and then you will know some sort of prognosis.

Good luck with this and remember that you are covered by the Equality Act 2010 - and have rights!

Cece x


Carole and cece

Thank you both. I have arranged a union rep to attend with me today, I am willing to go to work but I know I can not be clinical safely. I am hopeful that they will be understanding but realistically suspect they won't. I have had RA for 20 years and only recently had time off ok I have had 2 previous 3 week episodes off this year in addition to 10 weeks following surgery I'm off currently and suspect according to the consultant it will be a good 4-6 weeks before I have a diagnosis and treatments if work can find me a job in the mean time then great.


I can't be much help as my foot drop and tingling were linked to two disc protrusions - so i'm trying to keep my back muscles as strong as possible to form a corset around them! But now I'm getting carpal tunnel symptoms as well - very confusing!


Carpal Tunnel syndrome is associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and also Hypothyroidism. Drop Foot, this happens when there is compression of the nerve roots in the lumber spine. There is also another cause, where there is damage to the perineal nerve which is wrapped around the knee, hence- drop foot.

Avoid kneeling,, sitting back on the heels. Avoid bending over to pick things up from the floor, come into a semi squat position that is safer. It is a most miserable condition.

I hope you will find some freedom from the pain.


Hi guys.... Carpal Tunnel is an op I had in 87, after my first baby was's also Heriditary, my daughter had both hands operated on before age 21.... Also is linked to RA.....Anyone got B12 deficiency?


Jill sorry only just seen your reply. I'm not b12 deficient I an vit d low but nothing else. I'm currently awaiting results for hnpp a genetic disorder where nerve entrapment happens spontaneously.


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