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Rheumy appointment re hands and results

Hi all, just to keep you up to date, had the ultrasound scan of my hands on Tuesday, saw Rheumy today for blood results and scan results.

Well, there was nothing in the blood results that he could contribute to my pain and swelling, but the scan showed fluid on the joints, he is still not convinced this is rheumatoid arthritis, but I was given a steroid injection in the butt and a prescription for naproxen. He said not to take the naproxen until end of next week, that's if the steroid hasn't worked. If it has helped with the pain and swelling he said there's no need to take the naproxen and he will see me in 3 months time, when he will decide what to do e.g if I get better on the steroid injection and or naproxen then he thinks it is probably RA and will start me on appropriate meds.

If it doesn't get better following the above meds, he will have to do further investigations as to what is going on. Here's hoping something helps soon, my fingers are really swollen and the joints are stiff and very painful, it feels like they may split open like a cooked sausage.


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Hi Jan

Hoping that you get relief from the steroid injection. At least now they are investigating, which is a start. I'm sure you'll have a diagnosis soon.

Get well soon

Joanne x


Thanks sciqueen, here's hoping the steroid injection works and helps with the pain and swelling as it is making me feel very ill at the moment.

Thanks for your reply.



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