Closer to diagnosis

Today I was asked to go for another blood test to check my CRP level. Once the doc has the results she's going to refer me. But she has put me on Naproxen now, so touch wood the pain will become more bearable.

It's sezza by the way, I forgot my password for my other email address lol.

I found a chemist in my local area that does gadgets and gizmos to make life easier. X

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  • It's good you're getting somewhere. Doesn't everything seem to take an age in rheumatologyworld?

    All the best,

    Dotty x

  • Ah that's good news! Another little step on the road to recovery I hope. It does take forever is all this diagnosis business doesn't it? But at the end of the day you will get the right treatment and they will make sure exactly what is wrong before they start giving you drugs to help. I hope the painkillers are useful, they really help me, and help me get to Get through the pain. Also I really find heat packs and heat blanket help me to manage the pain but other people find that called helps. So I hope you get use from your doctor very soon and it does take too long for you. Let us know what happens won't you?Axx

  • Of course I will. Can you tell me what anti~nuclear Antibodies are please? I know I read about it somewhere but can't remember where lol. :-) X

  • ANA or anti nuclear antibodies are checked. Ur body makes antibodies to foreign substances but when the auto immune response is wrong and th body is actually attacking human protein antibodies it shows autoimmune disease. Generally the test is done to rule out auto immune diseases such as Lupus and gauges other auto immune diseases too. This is how I understand it, but I am no scientist lol. Mine is negative !

  • Is it what they use to determine rheumatoid factor, or is that something else? This is the first time I've got to read what all my tests are for, including the usual thyroid function (story of my life, that one lol). I think I'll get them done at the hospital more often, as otherwise I rarely know what's being tested for.

    I know I'm seronegative where rheumatoid factor is concerned. X

  • ANA is the test for Lupus.Lupus is one of the 3 types of inflammatory arthritis, the other two being Rheumatoid or Psoriasis. If it's negative, that rules out Lupus which is good as it's notoriously difficult to treat

  • Ha ha, that's puts one of the doctors i saw to shame. She would only tell me i have inflammatory arthritis, refused to be more specific. The doc I saw today is even more certain its rheumatoid. She just wants more evidence to back up referral (or stick up my own doctor's nose lol). X

  • Ye blood tests are a small part of the diagnosis, the clinical examination and sometimes the hand scans are the things the docs want to see. In rheumatoid for example the swelling tends to be where the hands join the fingers not the knuckles, knuckles or particularly nearer the finger tips tend to be osteoarthritis. Sometimes the hands nd toes tend to drift to one another in RA, also it tends to be both sides nd hot swollen painful joints. And the other criteria Ian how long does it ale you to get going in the morning eg do u have morning stiffness? So they find all this out as well to get a full picture , ANA is generally to rule out lupus but the irony is even if your RA factor blood test is negative it can still be RA! I am sero ( blood) negative ANA negative but definitely have R A due to all the above symptoms and increased eSR and crp ( inflammation markers in the blood). Tell u what go on the main Nras page their blood test section is really good and will explain better than my attempt!!

  • Your attempt is gonna. Yeah it tends to be there in both hands, the Middle joints in my fingers, and thumbs, mainly my big toes, ankles, and wrists. I've takes a good few hours before the swelling subsides enough for me to function properly. And I just feel so Damn tired and yukky all the time. X

  • Ye that how I feel the fatigue is something you find hard to explain. It's more than just tired and when my inflammation Is high, I feel like I have a really bad flu. I hope you get your diagnosis very soon and they can start you want some treatment to help whatever diagnosis it does turn out to be in the end. From what you've said door it does sound very similar to what I have with my rheumatoid arthritis, so good luck and any questions or problems keep blogging LOL

  • Sometimes I find that when my wrist joints are inflammed, burning, swollen and really painful I run them under a cold tap for a bit just to ease them. I also have a gel pad with a strap that I can put in the freezer and wrap around my wrist as well.

    Hope you get the results real quick xxx

  • Thanks. I'll have to look out for those freezer pack things. There are so many gadgets and gizmos I need, and I've found out there's a local place that hires out mobility scooters, so I'm working to make my life easier. X

  • Hi please remember once diagnosed there can be help from Adult Social Services once an assessment is requested. I work full and was still assessed with adaptions at work and at home:-)

  • I had a shower put in last year, as I was already suffering from back problems, and asked about what they supply, and in East Sussex they only loan out large items like bed rails, chairs, etc, and some walking aids. Small items I have to buy myself, like saucepan racks, easy grip cutlery etc. And they ain't all cheap lol. X

  • Bless you I suppose it varies from area to area on what they will do or won't. I wish you well with things it is hard at times I know:-)

  • It's extremely frustrating. The vampires who take the blood won't even tell what each one is for, so I'm like, I know what they're for, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I just wanted reminding what ANA was. Then she started acting like she didn't know anything about the things she was taking the blood for. She just fills the bottles and sends them to the lab. Yeah right, as if. She just didn't wanna answer my question. I hope it'll be better at rheumy clinic. X

  • The clinic nurses are normally great. Take a list of questions otherwise you will forget o ask as they are quick appointments and ask them everything, you won't be able to shock them, they have heard it all before and are their to help you xxxx

  • This is quite a useful site for blood tests:

    Dotty x

  • HI, I think I saw someone on this site mention a booklet for newly diagnosed RA? Does anyone know of anything please? My RA factor was 81, sero-negative, minimal ESR raise and no CRP increase. Have weird (to me anyway!) symptoms, middle joints of fingers, knuckles, wrists, knees, hip on the weekend, but really moving around from joint to joint almost on a daily basis. Really sore and a bit red, very crunchy around the hip and unable to weight bear for 2 days but now gone. No heat in any of the joints really to speak of... they are thinking Metho but I wonder if this is what it is now?

  • Yeah the booklet is called newly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an these awesome NRAS people can send you a copy. I'm still not totally convinced that it is anything other than rheumy. The doc has gone by the drop in m ESR & CRPlevels, so I suppose nothing will ever happen now. And without a diagnosis I'll probably also be forced to become one of David Cameron's chronic pain slaves. X

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