Anyone else out there who goes to ST Lukes Hospital Bradford

Hi All, is there anyone on healthunlocked who has there treatment at St lukes Hospital? How do you find the service? do you get through on the advice line? do you get to see a consultant? do you feel supported? etc etc My experience is NOT good and not sure what to do. Have informed PALS, but no one rang me back. Thanks

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  • Hi, I was initially sent to st Luke's in dec 2011. I was in absolute agony and could barely walk. I was so frustrated with the lack of care & staff that I requested a transfer to chapel Allerton in leeds. They took me straight into hospital for a week and at least got me mobile. I was also asked to participate in a study and after failing on methotexate I was put onto anti TNf treatment. The staff and dr's are brilliant and I for one don't mind the extra 15 minute journey...

  • HI donnalouisec, thank you very much for your reply

  • It was one of the three hospitals I was offered to choose from, along with Shipley and Airedale, I chose Airedale and don't have any major complaints at all. I assumed it would be better as it is a country hospital not a city one, glad I chose it! We will probably be moving back to Leeds next year so I will have to transfer to Chapel Allerton, nice to hear it is a good place. xxx

  • Hi Thank you for getting back to me, really appreciate

  • Hi

    I've been with SLH since 2005 and apart from a 23 (yes twenty three!) month wait between appts as my Consultant retired and they 'lost' me, I think the treatment is ok. In the early days, I was always able to get help through to the helpline and they keep a few 'emergency' appt slots a week if you sound desperate enough! If you can make it, come and join us at the Leeds Support group meeting on 18th Sept (details from Kim at nras) It's at Chapel Allerton, so you would be able to speak to people who have their treatment there, to make an informed choice if you decided you wanted to change hospitals.

    Good Luck


  • Hi Thank you for getting back to me. will try to get on the 18th

  • I am at Dewsbury where the consultants are too drawer. Absolutely. However, the rest of the system around the department has been stretched and I had a long wait for my first biologic and related problems but hopefully all that is behind me now. I do know too that Rneumatology at Chapel A in Leeds is superb. I have met staff from their team who have lectured at NRAS meetings I have been to this year.

  • HI Thank you for replying and telling me about Chapel A

  • Come to the NRAS meeting in two weeks ;-)

  • Ive been under the care of St Lukes Hospital for 20 years including the rheumatoid outreach clinic at Westwood Park when it was running , have to say on balance Ive had good care from them including the last six months when I became seriously ill with my RA , Im very closely monitored by them and Im kind of impressed that I recived a letter this week telling me I was late for one of my monthly blood tests (shows their doing their job and not just keeping me on the meds without keeping a close eye on me).....



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