Does anyone know if cholesterol and rhematiod arthritus is related?

I'm under weight i don't drink or smoke and just wondering I had my blood works taken and one been cholesterol and it was level 6 at low risk ?? What ever that means..I've got an appointment with my consultant end of September to discuss rheumatoid medication anyone goy any advice on my question thanks Nicola x

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Cholesterol is such a complicated issue. The number 6 must mean total cholesterol. The breakdown of HDL and LDL, plus Tri-glycerides would be more useful. So, if you have high HDL that is apparently a good thing.

My sister had high cholesterol when she was underweight and very stressed.

Can you have a chat with your GP to see what s/he thinks?


I will do thanks for your reply phoebe :-)


I agree with Phoebe, don't wait until September but go and see your GP about it. For people with RA it's usually recommended that you keep a close eye on cholesterol as as we are at higher risk of problems with our hearts, so the doctors tend to want to keep cholesterol well within the normal limits. And your GP can explain what the blood test result means and prescribe treatment if you need it. Polly


Will do..Thank you for your advice...polly :-)


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