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New Tactic

Well after many phone calls I finally got a response from the liver clinic about my biopsy lucky only fatty liver! woo hoo. Mind you she had no idea about anything and told me I needed to exercise. I asked her if she knew what was also wrong with me and she said no, so I told her.The Rheumy PA however is another matter and after repeatedly calling today, no response so I figure my new tactic is to just turn up on Thursday and see what happens. Useless just useless and these people want to give me toxic drugs to take sheesh!!!

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Oh it's so frustrating isn't it?!!!! I'm pleased you now have your biopsy results and pleased that it's "only" fatty liver. The daft comment about excersise probably wasn't the most helpful eh under the cirumstances? When I was told about my fatty liver, the comment from the doctor was that it's very common indeed and that, given my health conditions she wasn't at all surprised. Nobody seems to be particularly concerned about it so I've decided not to be either until someone tells me otherwise! I worry too sometimes about the drugs if my liver isn't functioning as well as it might but then I know I wouldn't manage without them. I'm sorry you are having no luck with getting hold of the rheumy PA and I hope your "just turning up" tactic works out for you on Thursday and that it is a positive appointment.



Hi, I'm afraid I have no idea what "fatty liver" is or how exercise helps it but I hope you can get some more thorough help on Thursday. Best of luck. x


Thanks ladies. Yes she hadn't read my file, had never met me, and made assumptions in a very disparaging voice about dieting and exercise. really made me cranky, but as they don't seem to care then neither will I. I haven;'t heard from the rheumy PA so my plan of attack is turn up Thursday!


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