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What questions should I ask my dr?

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I went to my dr in June with pain in my right side. My Dr tried to brush it off as muscle pain. I said no i think something is wrong with my liver. Her response was well your blood work was normal but I'll order an ultrasound. I got a call after ultrasound saying i had fatty liver and Dr ordered more bloodwork. The nurse said you have an appt in August so dr will see you then. I went to my dr last week she just refilled my prescription and wasnt even going to mention the fatty liver. She again said well your bloodwork was normal. I said I've been reading and i know bloodwork doesnt tell you about your liver. She looked confused and said i dont know what you mean. I just said never mind ill just watch what i eat and try and lose weight. She never once told me that. Her response was a lot of people have fatty liver and it doesn't progress further. I want to make another appt but I feel most as to what to ask for.

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Book another appointment with a different doctor in the practice, you will at least get a second opinion. It's not very good is it.

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crystal029 in reply to rabbits65

Unfortunately where I live were lucky if we can get a dr. There are lots of people here who have no family dr at all.

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Are you in the US?

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crystal029 in reply to wishbone

No im in Ontario Canada. We may have free health care but it's horrible as drs dont want to practise here they make more money in the US

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And I thought the UK had problems. That said, I live in Wales and have heard that the Welsh NHS is experiencing problems recruiting doctors etc. Probably because they prefer to work in more affluent parts of the UK.

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Same all over the UK. They keep saying the doctors are overworked. But at our doctors waiting room there is never anyone there. We have one qualified doctor once a week. A nurse practitioner who does a great deal of doctors work, a part-time locum and another nurse whi sees a lot of patients. Think the nurses in GP practices and hospitals do a great deal of the work for less money!!!!!

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I heard it on the Welsh news or some regional current affairs programme a while back. When I say that they preferred to work in more affluent parts of the UK, I don't think it was so much about being able to make more money, though I presume some could by setting up a private practice alongside doing their stint of hours for the NHS. As I recall it was more about docs not finding it very attractive working in deprived areas such as the South Wales Valleys with the added problem and work involved in trying to treat ageing ex-heavy industry workers with their associated diseases. Much more pleasant setting up a practice in some nice leafy suburb somewhere.

No doubt other parts of the UK have a similar problem.

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This is a sensible website to give an overview. (Maybe GP needs to read it!) nhs.uk/conditions/non-alcoh...

Have you had any investigations for Gall Stones?

I have no gallbladder it was removed about 15 years ago and honestly ive felt like crap ever since

You could try taking Milk Thistle, which comprises a herb called Silymarin. It acts as a detox for the liver and helps you to lose weight. it is over the counter and not expensive though costs more than it used to. You take it for about three months. Don't take it for longer as you are not supposed to take it all the time. You can always take a further course at a later date.

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