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Does anyone have any experience with Pregabalina (Lyrica)?

I was on Amytriptyline for some time for neuropathetic pain even though I was on 50mgs it wasn't really working. I tried a Bustrans patch to which I reacted so the GP suggested Pregabalina, I've been on it for a month or so however it makes me feel rather whoozy & I'm nor sure it's helping with pain relief!

I already take co codamol, Meloxicam, plus all the other meds (MTX, Plaquenil, Sulfa- I'm still in pain & wonder if I'll ever be pain free!

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hi I am on pregabalin too. My rheumy prescribed it along with the other drug about 6 months ago, it takes a while to get used too but does have benefits especially when the dosage is right ...hope it helps you .x p .


I have been on Lyrica for some 5 years now and have had the does increased lately to 300mg per day but with the choice of going further to 400mg per day. I have Maytrifen patches. I started on 12mg over 3 days and have increased to 37mg over a 3 day period. They work but you need to take care. I always tell nurses/doctors and consultants " If the pain gets through all these then it must really hurt" Take care and give the Lyrica a little longer and as per the other response suggested.


Lyrica was amazing for a year until I developed severe swelling. The condition was worse in heat. I hope it works for you!


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