Brain Fog (FMS)

There are quite a few with RA and FMS has anyone had any experience with brain fog, Its an annoying issue i have at the moment silly things like post its everywhere having to do a task there and then because i will forget. Spoke to the Doc he gave me some vitamin B and come back in a month (if i remember).

My words don't seem to come out they are there but can't get them out also simple maths is a struggle


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  • Hi Zimmie

    I too have Brain Fog which frustrates me no end. I've taken to inputting everything I need to do & remember into my phone and setting alarms to remind me. Often I start a sentence and mid way through lose the thread of what I was saying and stumble over words when I'm speaking.

    I used to be really on the ball and organised but I've found it has affected even the things I love such as reading as by the time I get to the bottom of a page, I've forgotten what it's about and start again. I used to be a voracious reader but find it hard work now.

    I don't know if it's the RA, the medication, general decline in middle age or a combination of all 3.

    I'm seeing the Rheumatologist on Monday, so might ask for some advice and see what she says. Let me know if the Vitamin B works.



  • Thats what i'm on about Anne, the sentence is a classic example. Could be all 3 as you say, is it a way of masking the pain sort of a distraction.


  • Brain Fog is my middle name! Especially first thing in the morning, it's like fighting your way out of a paper bag. Can focus on task and takes me ages to get into the swing. I kept thinking it was because I was forever thinking about my body and how I am feeling etc. but it must be all the medication and like Ann says old age!!! How very dare you!

    My favourite thing is when I first get up sit on the edge of the bed and I spend ages day dreaming and getting dressed, can't seem to focus on what I am doing. It gets on me pip...

    So different to how I used to be.. I have been doing the accounts and going back over them and checking stuff, I have made such stupid mistakes, like reversing figures and I keep thinking how did I do that and make such a daft mistake I have been doing bookkeeping all my life!

    So don't worry, it's normall arrhhhhhh! x

  • Oh i thought my brain fog was cause of my age 56. very interested to hear about vitamin B. I used to be very organised but now find myself constantly losing things and forgetting loads.

  • The vit B was the first step he said (doc) if that didn't seem to work we would explore other avenues, i know what he meant by other avenues

  • Snap, constantly walking into a room for something and promptly forget for what...put things away in the wrong place and always losing things (mainly mobile) which I have to ring at least once a day!! x

  • Oh yes me too. I could do with wearing the dam thing around my neck.

  • I here you em, as i said i have to do it straight away or else its gone, now what was i doing

  • Hi Zimmie, your not alone by any means, but I just think it's down to me not really getting the brain active anymore, nothing like I did anyway.

    RA is all that seems to be in mine at the moment and I know that needs to change. I get all the symptoms you described, not working doesn't help me either that's why I say to others if you can carry on working do it takes your mind away from the RA, if only for a little while.

    mand xx

  • hmm yep thats why im off work at moment !!ra flare, fatigue and fog, thats 3 fs no I am not swearing..., have duty of care under pharmacy ethics google it..,,I am registered with the general pharmaceutical council google technician , bamford

    ghpc and you will spot me.., cant risk cocking up some ones meds.. thats why I WORK PART TIME concentration required huge,, and pressured...

  • HI Zimmie

    Yes absolutely I have brain fogg. And I work as a manager of a day support Service for younger People with Dementia !!!!!! One of the people coming to the center said to me recently " if you cant remember- what hope is there for us"

    It was said in warmth so was ok and we had a laugh about it!

    I too set alarms and embarassingly forget things /words / threads in mid sentence just like my Day center service users!

    I am of the age though where you are supposed to be a bit more forgetful so I think maybe that plays a part. Just going to keep going( taking Mandys advice until I really lose the loose the plot!) Because its better for me than being at home at the minute. Definately does take my mind of me to journey alongside others in a worse position than me( with a terminal illness) and make sure they have a positive time at the Day support Service if I can. ITs actually a fantastic place to work and we all laugh so much......

    If I can be Happy muddly fuddly its not so bad.... maybe ? If I have to give up work. Think I will definately try to do vol work or just giving or something like Lynn............ immmmm

  • Wow, so I'm normal then, lol, I seriously had begun to wonder if I was loosing it!

    Sometimes it's worse than others & I do question if it could be the medication.

    Notes to self & phone alarms are daily needs!

    Keen to know how the vit B goes Zimmie.

  • Yup, Brain fog is all too familiar! I suspect it's all part of the fatigue that many of the 'specialists' seem to forget is part of this thing, although it is medically accepted, I believe, as one of the symptoms of RA. On the bright side it can sometimes cause some amusing moments ... like the time I ended up with a load of grapefruit instead of apples and failed to actually realise it, thinking I'd just bought too many oranges ... even though I was thinking 'Gosh these oranges are big ...' and 'funny, they're rather yellow for oranges ...' and 'I wonder where I left my apples ...' (I'd asked for five oranges and three 'pink ladies' (apples) at the market, and he'd misheard me and thought I said 'pink grapefruit' - and it took me a week to work out what had happened.)

  • Hi Penguin thats so funny. Although I shouldnt laugh cause the other day I took my grandson for a trip into town in my car. Later I texted my youngest to say could she pick us up. For a brief mo had forgot I had driven there OMG.

  • LOL! Oh dear - sounds just like the sort of thing I'd do!

  • Yes penguin thank goodness i didnt forget to take my grandson home.

  • was going to leave comment but forgot LOL.

  • all so funny!! caught myself trying to put a cup in the fridge. im blaming the flare and lack of sleep..... dont rell any one.....

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