I had my first infusion End of March and second 1st week in April. There has been no improvement and I saw my consultant this morning and he is of the opinion it isn't going to work. Has anyone been on this drug and how did you get on with it? I have had X-ray's this morning and Blood Tests and it has been decided to wait for the results before deciding the next step. It is all rather complicated due to my having Multiple Sclerosis as well and most drugs make the MS worse.

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Hi Sylvia,

I had the first infusion of my second course of Rituximab, last week. My first course was a year ago July 2012. I was not sure if it has worked for me, although my mood has improved a lot, I was told it takes at six months to notice an improvement, and it can be, not until the second course. As you have only had it about three months ago, it seems unlikely to notice improvement yet.

Hope you do get some improvement, and good luck.



Hi Sylvia - I am so sorry you are having to deal with MS as well as RA. I can't begin to imagine how difficult that must be for you.

As Jenny says, Rituximab is not quick to work by any means. Jenny was told it would be 6 months and I was told it could be up to 9 months - ie 3 months after the second set of infusions, which at my hospital is given automatically after 6 months. I missed my 6 month "booster" so was a year between first and second set of infusions and it has definitely worked well for me. Because of other health problems, I hadn't really been aware of how well it had been working, until the past few weeks when it has definitely started to wear off. I think that, as Jenny says, it seems a bit soon to be talking about it not working for you. I really hope it does start to work for you soon Sylvia.



I had my first set back in March this year, no change as yet. I saw the biologic nurse at the end of June and she told me that the company who makes this drug say that it takes around 27 weeks to show any improvement. I am seeing the doctor in the middle of August so I hope for positive news by then! It is worrying me though as my fingers are now so fat and painful and two of them are stating to rotate into odd angles that if something does not start to work soon I will be unable to do even basic things with me hands ie entering my pin number when I pay for my shopping.


I was given rituximab in Sept 2006 as part of a trial. At that stage, I could walk, perhaps 200yds. By Jan, it was up to ½mile. First retreatment was in April 2007 and by May, I was able to walk 4 miles. Third treatment was in Jan 2008. That put me into remission and my fourth treatment started last Friday (June 2015) so give it a little while to see whether it works.

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