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Change of user name

I was alialibongo now alibromo. Had a message to say i had to remove my old photo as it would lead people to believe it may be the official nras site :-( naughty me. So tried to remove it but couldn't, so had to delete old profile & start afresh. Still trying to get my head round it but getting there. Think the new site looks good but it will take sometime to get used to it. Xx Alison

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Hi Alison

I'm really sorry to hear that it wouldn't let you just change the profile picture. Maybe when things have settled down with the new forum you could contact HU and ask them to change your username back to what it was if you'd prefer using the old one?

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Thanks Alison (and Victoria) for bearing with us while we get some of the teething problems with the new platform sorted.


dont care what they call you!! you are still our ali ....something lol :)


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