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Where is the best place to get advive about back pain? GP; chiro;Physio; rheummy?

I have got acute back pain between my shoulder blades on my left side. I've had it for about 4 weeks now, pain relief doesn't fully help. At first I thought it was a strained muscle but it hasn't really improved. It feels like I'm being stabbed! It's better when I'm walking but is painful sitting even though I've got a back friend support.

So I would like to try & find out if it's caused by the OA;; inflammatory arthritis, strained muscle but am not sure who to go to. I have to see my consultant privately so don't have access to the other clinic services.

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Hi Pauline, I'd say the best place to start is with your GP he'll give you a check up and listen to your chest/lung sounds in case it's something a little more sinister than muscle strain or inflammation, he may also send you for an xray just to be sure. If he feels it's muscular he should then refer for physiotherapy.

Good luck.

Beth x


I got a GP referral to spinal and neuro surgeons after an assessment by my gp. My rheumy advised me the fastest route would be through my gp. Your gp can rule out muscular, soft tissue etc. You can have RA in the small facet joints in the spine, also in ribs and neck joints, Good luck!

Cece x


hi pauline, i had the same pain as you last september, i was told by my rheummy nurse not to go to a chiro. as it may do more harm than good, ring your nurse who will advise you. i got diaspam for a week to relax my muscles.they did help, good luck! x


I have had pain in in this position during the last five years. I did go to an osteopath (who I had seen before with sciatica). She took a history, had a look at that part and said that I should go to see the GP as it was inflammatory, not her department - and she didn't charge me for consultation.

But no-one (GP, cons. Rh nurse, physio) seems interested or bothered about it and it comes and goes like all the other joint (and muscle) pains.

The physio did suggest that I should regularly exercise that bit and gave me some exercises - I do them every day when I can and I think they help.


Thanks for your answers everyone.

I had a steroid injection 3 weeks a go which I hoped would help the back pain, it's been effective on my other joints & seems to have reduced the swelling & inflammation but not the back.

I walk every day but I guess that doesn't really exercise the back, probably need to get back to aqua fit!


I suggest following Beth's suggestions, by no means , do not see a chiropractor. I was told years ago, when first diagnosed with RA in spine, that a Chiro could have left me paralyzed because of the way they compress nerves to deaden them temporarily.

Most likey you will need xrays of chest and also spine, maybe an MRI. Remember, we all have to be the coach for whatever we undergo with our bods. Have to push, as in encorage, until you get answers and therapy. Good luck. Loretx


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