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Allanah , how was it?

I'm really intrigued to know how u got on at Glastonbury. Did u enjoy yourself, have a boogie? Get lost finding your tent?

As a fellow festival goer ( not big ones , 40,000 people ) I made the best decision last year and hired a mobility scooter. It gave me independence and my husband daughter could venture into mosh pit knowing I was ok on disabled platform, with a perfectly good view, without being jostled by others. It was recorded on tv, 2 months later saw them in front row watching seasick Steve!

My experience of the charity workers who are at these events are that they are a God send. Enjoyed watching Mumford and Sons.

Take care, hope your high if going outweighs the effects on your body. :-)

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Yes the NARS nation awaits her proclomations!!


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