OH assessment went ok

OH worker was nice if not a little pushy but the report is favourable to me which is as it should be.

She has made multiple suggestions such as accommodating flexible working, working from home still, Dragon software and training to use it properly along with many other adaptions. I think work will have too either do or other courses of action to be taken;

As I am covered by the equalities act though open to interpretation depending where your standing.

In all honesty I just want to continue working as I enjoy my role and am good at it but its an area full of agendas and politic. That said I've put up a good fight and will not accept or tolerate much nonsense.

I think I will reduce hours we can afford it and the rest.

Keep moving is what they say well I say don't take to

Much Sh..t either.


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Good for you Will,mind you a lot of us are so worn down by our illness that we give in,so i applaud you for knowing where you stand and sticking to your guns. I hope that you get all you need from your company.xxxx


Hi Sylvi

I empathise really I do. Most days I am so tired its hard to describe, I just want to sleep buts its my children which drive me. Some days though that's it I switch off from all of them lock myself away. I know you will understand the difficulties the company have been ok its one particular manager who is and arse x



Morning Will

I also have an understanding OH nurse and she is also a little bit pushy she reduced my hours temporary which is good but I am still struggling, however if the reduction is made permanent I will be first out the door in a re org which is worrying has like you I enjoy my work.


Hi saffron

I am pleased your meeting with the OH went well.

I asked my OH from ATOS for their interpretation of the Equality Act for RA and this is the reply

" the impairment is likely to considered a disability because it has lasted longer than 12 months and with out the benefit of treatment there would be a significant impact on the ability to carry out normal daily activities"

As most people with ra are likely to have it for more than 12 months and need medication to control their ra, then surely we are all covered.

I now have one day of a week for rest and time off for appointments.

As they say don't let the @.@,,, get you down. Keep strong, keep fighting.



Than you I am thinking of reducing hours but pushing for one day at home three at project as they have set this precedent before. Time of for appointments but nit all paid can't get every thing.

Good luck x


i am feeling so inspired by you all, i had great personell and occy health help. keep going !



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