Gorgeous Day

Hi everyone. In spite of being tired after my night out of dancing to really loud music (oh and me a grandmother how shocking). I am trying to do some tidying in the garden. Where does all the rubbish and leaves come from? Lots of ladybirds out today enjoying the sunshine and I have taken a photo of a beautiful butterfly. Quite the naturlist arent I ha ha. Anyway enjoy your day whatever you are doing and remember you have the RA it doesnt have you. Sharon

4 Replies

  • early night for me cant get past 10.30pm

  • I know what you mean summer I have to rest for quite a while before I have a late night but then still need to recover the next day. Its worth it though.

  • Two days of lovely weather and ... ... it's gone!! Why oh why do we insist on living in this damp place, the UK? Oh for warmer climes :)

    Still clocks whizz forward next weekend, a sign of spring days to follow! Although I think they're already happening in your garden Sharon. Butterflies, ladybirds, how lovely :)

    Lyn x

  • Yes summer is coming hurray. Although I dont like it too hot just like the sun and being able to get outside.

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