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Certolizumab Pegol (Cimzia)

I'm having my 2nd DAS assessment in 4 weeks but it's looking very likely that I will come off leflunomide but remain on injected MXT and start this anti-TNF drug (my first). I know everyone is different but I would be interested to hear some experiences about it; side effects, how long it took to work, if at all etc.

Many thanks in advance!

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Cimzia has been a life saver for me. I was having flares every 6-8 weeks before I started on Cimzia. No flares in 4 years except after surgery when I have to stop taking Cimzia.

It worked very quickly for me. Can't remember exactly but I never had another flare so must have worked within a few weeks.

No adverse side effects at all.

I hope you have the same great result.



I was on cimzia for 6 months . The first 2 doses were double doses and after the 2nd dose I started to see improvements. I then started to get allergic reactions, itching and rashes on my hands and face , then it seemed to lose its effectiveness and i started getting flares again.I have since been changed into rituximab infusions.But definatly worked well initally, just didn't agree with me.


I have been on Cimzia since January this year with no side effects at all. I tried Enbrel last year and after 3 injections felt a remarkable improvement but had to come off the Enbrel after 8 weeks because of acute problems at the injection site. With Cimzia I have not felt the improvement in aches and pains has been that great although have felt a bit better this last month. Am also on 25mg MTX and still taking Meloxicam anti inflammatory for pain and paracetamol. Was hoping to be able to stop meloxicam since on Cimzia but this has not worked out. Seeing my rheumy next week to discuss.

I have had RA for 30years now and its just a case of trying different drugs over the years to find which ones suit you best. Wish you lots of luck with the Cimzia but do try. There are lots of ups and downs with this desease I could write a book here Good luck


I was on Cimzia for 6 months last year. Noticed some improvement immediately after I took the first 2 injections but I had to come off it as it stopped working. I had no side effects at all.im now on enbrel. good luck,hope it works for you.x


Thank you for the helpful replies. I have read a few studies that show the effectiveness can wear off, which is a bit worrying.


Been on Cimzia for 6 months now no problems provided I make sure it goes under the skin and not into muscle. I found it difficult not to inject into muscle on my leg so now only use my abdomen.



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