Reading Workwise Workshop

Reading Workwise Workshop

My name is Gail and I split my time at NRAS between the Helpline and Membership departments. I have been with NRAS for 5 years now and have seen the charity grow at an amazing rate.

I was pleased to be asked to attend the NRAS Workwise Workshop, held at Reading University on Tuesday 28th September. The evening was well attended by members and non members alike. It started off with a welcome and introduction by our Volunteer Network Manager, Clare Jacklin and our Membership Manager, Sally Warwick then spoke about NRAS and our aims and achievements. Kerry, an Occupational Therapist who has RA, spoke afterwards and then we were given a presentation by an Occupational Health Adviser, who gave advice on adaptations in the workplace and practical assistance available.

After a ten minute coffee and biscuit break, we returned to the room to hear Lucinda, an Employment Lawyer explain the Disability Discrimination Act and outline information on employment rights.

We were then divided into four groups who each had ten minutes to ask the experts questions, as well as an Occupational Health Adviser, Alison, who demonstrated specialised office equipment, e.g. keyboards, mice etc.

It was a very enjoyable evening and the people that attended were all very positive about their employment prospects.

We have one more Workwise Workshop which is to be held in Greenwich, London on Wednesday 6th October so if you are interested in joining us please call us on 0845 458 3969.

I also wanted to mention our online eBay campaign that is running from 11th October for one week to raise awareness of RA and support World Arthritis Day. If you buy anything from eBay between 11th and 17th October, you may well see NRAS mentioned when you checkout, and you will be given the option to donate £1 to help us carry on supporting people with RA. Please tell all your friends, family and colleagues about this and ask them to dig deep and donate £1 if they buy something from eBay that week.

Gail Slobodzian

Helpline and Membership Assistant


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