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Bus Trans patch

I saw my GP today, first time I've met him as he is doing a maternity cover for my usual GP.

I explained that Amitriptyline wasn't effective even though I'm on 50 mgs & I'm having trouble sleeping.

He asked if I was waking due to pain which is part of the problem so has suggested that I change to Bus Trans transdermal patches.

They last for a week so I'm hoping that they work until the MTX kicks in properly.

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Interesting, haven't heard of this, are they any good?



Hi Pauline & jan..

I've been using the trans patches for over a year now. I started on 10 micro gram which gradually increased to 30mcro gram. They are very good but opiate based so quite addictive. I've heard lots of people have a hard time coming off them but personally I've not tried . The only thing I can say is one week I forgot to change the patch and had very wandering legs.. I felt like I had to be moving about all the time and couldn't sit still. Once I changed the patch I was ok.. Hope this



Yes, if you forget to change your transdermal pain patches your legs will let you know. They can go really strange ... I feel I want to set off sprinting to relieve the madness!! As if I could! :-). I have been using them three years and only found a problem when I needed to increase recently due to changing meds and that double dose to fentanyl 50 made me very odd. Thought I could hear people taking go me and awful nightmares and anxiety and also the inevitable constipation which often happens with high dose patches like these. However, they take most of the soft tissue horrible constant twinging away and that is something I need till my new med decides to work or not. It is .... And then it isn't. I am now back on one 25 mcg having also tried an additional 12 mcg on the other arm. My patches are changed every 72 hours. I feel sleepy on them and always have but then the active RA makes me sleepy. Otherwise I have tolerated them very well indeed and hope they bring you much relief ;-)

Julie xx


Thanks for your replies, it;s good to hear that others use it to.

I've got this one on for a week however what the GP didn't tell me was if I could take any other pain relief to supplement when I'm sore.

So far it seems to be working, I do worry that I will react to the patch as I have an allergy to plasters.So sort of expecting to react to it! Hope I don't though.

My tummy's a bit messed up as well but not sure if that is due to the patch?


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