Happy sun shining :) sad I've got prickly heat :(

I maybe over did it yesterday sitting out in this glorious sunshine. I havnt got sun burn but had my last dose of methortrexate last week and had to come off due to other side effects. However I've never suffered with prickly heat. I feel very sick and my ongoing no energy...maybe my body's reacting differently...see my consultant in two weeks to have a chat about different drugs...so today the sun is shining unfortunately I'm in shade...

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  • Hi

    I suffer from it if the temperature goes over 35 (unlikely at the moment I know!!) so I was worried how MTX would affect my love of beach holidays. My strategy is to always use a high factor sun cream regardless of how tanned I am (40SPF) and I've had no issues. Also on Hydroxychloriquine which helps

  • Thanks for your reply. I guess we have to go with what works for us. I must say I feel miserable today missing out on this glorious sunshine...

  • My kids suffer dreadfully with the sun and even end up with steroid injections on holiday!! They now use anti allergy sun cream, message me if u want the name, always have a HOT shower after being in the sun or the pool, so the skin pores don't shut down quickly with a cold shower locking in the salt of your skin, and they have a very strong prescribed drug called Telfast, my daughter is away surfing today, that would have been impossible before her treatment.of course I don't know if these would be unit able with RA meds but worth asking the Rheumy. She only takes here in warm weather or high pollen days. Good luck. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply I will mention it to rheumy nurse. :-)

  • Pizz buine allergy sun cream is the only thing that has helped me with prickly heat, its in a brown bottle u can get it anywhere its not cheap at about £15 a time but if u have a home bargains near u they sometimes sell it for around £5 good luch.xx

  • Thanks for your advice will have a look into that :-)

  • Its piz buin just checked the spelling good luck with it.x

  • That's rthe one we use x

  • Be careful with commercially produced sun creams. I had problems for many years with what we thought was prickly heat. I got diagnosed last year by a specialist photobiology unit in Dundee and they said that the problem was perfume in skin products. They gave me a big tub of moisturiser and some special Dundee cream for sun. So far this year so good. I've had a different allergic problem on legs and arms (not exposed to sun) but I think that's different but it could relate to perfume. Virtually everything has perfume on it so you have to read the small print. I hope you sort things out as prickly heat etc is a miserable condition especially at night

  • Agreed its not for everyone which is why I said message me! but it is the one that sorted my daughter.but as cathie says she tried lots that reacted with her so we did lots of patch tests out of the sun to see which ones she reacted to, which was loads but at least it was only a tiny area. Maybe seeing the dermatology would help as Cathie says.

  • Thanks again great advice :-)

  • Thanks cathie will look into that :-)

  • Dermol 500 is the moisturiser I've been using with no ill effects. Skin looks ok and no sun reactions. You get it in a big bottle which you can decant for travel. If I was really going out in the sun I'd use the sun block the Ninewells hospital make, its called Dundee cream (!!) and is rather viscous but I'd do anything to stop the reaction, me!

    Allanah sounds incredibly organised to do your own patch tests - that's what the photo biology people did - but with varying levels of different kind of light.

    Hope the skin calms down!

  • I get really bad prickly heat but the piz buin stops it for me. I get large blusters that are very sore and itchy if i do not use it. It was recomended by a chemist. It does have perfume in it and i though no way it would makevit worse but its my sun resque wuthout it i havecto stay out of the sun altogether.xxx

  • Thanks again for all your advice will have a look into this....:-)

  • The other thing I've noticed now is that I don't get prickly heat other than on skin that I've burnt so the moral of the story is.............don't get burnt. I also think it dpends how clogged your pores get, if they close quickly and trap the cream in it reacts, so the choice of sun cream is really important. I've tried anti-allergy ones inc Roche and they don't work for me. Finally in the last 3 years I've used Clinique normal range and it's been a revelation, no issues whatsoever and believe me I've had it so bad, all over my body

    I think the patch test is a really good idea

    Hope you find a solution and get to enjoy this lovely sunshine we're having!!

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